Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ep 12 - Song 3: "Sister Sister" by CroKane

"I met Kate Kane in the fall of 2007 while we were both attending the University of Iowa. The first thing of hers that caught my attention were the solo acoustic recordings she had up on the MySpace. Kate is a top-notch singer-songwriter, it was obvious even back then, and I remember being real impressed that at the age of 18 she was all ready an established musician around Iowa City, both as a solo act and with her band Lipstick Homicide. I was intrigued and wanted to get to know her better, so I started pestering her, attended some of her shows, etc. I started half-jokingly mentioning that we should start a band, and I think I came up with the name CroKane before I even knew she owned a drum kit!

"Kate was pretty much the first drummer I'd played with, so I didn't have a lot to compare it to at the time. However that being said, jamming with Kate felt pretty effortless most of the time. I don't particularly enjoy writing out songs, and I've never liked rehearsing things ad nauseam. I'd much rather just improvise lyrics and riffs on the spot for a 100 different tracks just to keep the 10 good ones instead of trying to perfect the same thing over and over. I've never been that confident in my singing, especially back then, but Kate encouraged vocals over instrumentals and helped me to feel less self-conscious about it, which ultimately lead to better improvisation. Also with it just being the two of us we were able to easily sync up and follow each others playing, even more so than when I jam as duo with other male drummer friends of mine now.

"CroKane only played a handful of shows over it's 2-year lifespan, and Lipstick Homicide was always Kate's main band. I remember thinking it was funny how Lipstick would play more shows on a two week tour than CroKane would play in an entire two years of being a band. Playing on stage with Kate was pretty great for me though, nobody can say nothing when you've got a super-cool-punk-rock-chick playing drums behind you, especially when she's as good as Kate. It was a fun band while it lasted, and I always felt fortunate that Kate was willing to play with me and put up with my crap."
- Nate Croson of CroKane for this podcast

Nate Danger Croson - guitars, vocals
Kate Kane - drums


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