Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ep 12 - Song 1: "Moody's Point" by Lipstick Homicide

This is me, Dan OlderMusicGeek, here on this piece...

It was Feb 5, 2011, at The Space in Ames's 3rd Anniversary Show!

Lipstick Homicide came on at 3:10 and did a short 20 minutes set! But I was blown away!

You can read about what I thought here -

But right after the set, I went to see them. Told them they were the best high school band that I have ever heard.

They then informed that they were 22!

In my defence, Rachel and Kate are rather short!

They were selling a CD-R that featured 5 of the 7 songs that would be on their split with Billy Raygun. I, of course, was like Fry yelling at them to take my money!

"Moody's Point" was the first song on it! I loved it! I was just getting over a nasty divorce and crawling out of a mean depression where I spent WAY too much time on the couch watching TV. This song sounded like it had been written about me!

And since that time, I have been a die hard Lipstick Homicide fan. Seen them multiple times. Have almost everything they have ever put out! And they have not let me down.

Rachel Feldmann - vocals, bass
Kate Kane - vocals, guitars
Luke Ferguson - drums




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