Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ep 39 - Song 4: "Christmas Rock" by Slaughterhouse 6

(If you're reading this less than a week after it was posted, Slaughterhouse 6 is doing a reunion show at The Vaudeville Mews -
(If it's later than a week, sorry, you're out of luck!)

"Slaughterhouse 6 is a hardworking ska/rock band from Des Moines, IA. We put on high energy shows and may cause serious neck problems or blood vomiting.

"For four years now, we've pleased crowds with catchy melodies and crazy antics, and will continue to do so in the near future. If you want a band that will make you want to dance and sing, I am pretty sure you've found it."
- an outdated description from their Facebook page

"Slaughterhouse6 first formed in the Winter of '03, when a group of 3 kids in a japanese class (myself, Josh Skrdlant, Michael Rogowski), all decided to create a ska band, since we all enjoyed listening to ska. We needed a bass player, so we asked East High schoolmate Dustin Harmsen to join the band, and boy oh boy did he have a lot of talent. He can play basically every instrument. Then we decided to get a trombone in the mix: Ryan Stubbs. My friend Matt Norton took on the vocals, but not for long.

"Now the original 6 was set: Josh Skrdlant on guitar, Matt Norton on vocals, Mike Rogowski on Saxophone, Dustin Harmsen on Bass, Ryan Stubbs with Trombone, and Myself playing drums for the 6.

"Changes came along, like Josh quitting the band on us, for example. We then replaced him with my brother, "Action Dan" Watland, who is still rocking out on guitar with us to this very day. We cycled through at least 3 vocalists as well, until they finally moved me to vocals, and got our good friend Kenny Halstead on drums. Talented players joined into the mix, such as Derek Collins on trombone, Justin Cox on trumpet, and Derek Lambert on second guitar. The rest is just history."
- lead singer, Chris Watland, in an interview for Angelfire's Stars For Iowa

Derek Collins - Trombone
H. Dustin Harmsen - Bass
C.J. Howard - Trumpet
Alex Kelly - Trombone
Derek Lambert - Guitar
Satya Modi - Drums
Mike Rogowski - Saxophone
Chris Watland - Vocals



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