Thursday, May 24, 2018

IHEARIC PODCASTS - Episode 24: chaircrusher (05/20/2018)

Last week I teased a guest appearance from Kent Williams (aka chaircrusher). Unfortunately he had to go out of town and couldn't join me in the studio, BUT he was kind enough to record some brand new music and an interview with his friend and collaborator Derek Piotr. In his place, Michele Guild returned to co-host with me in her third appearance on the show. We closed out today's show by brainstorming ideas for our upcoming project, the impedecast.

Find all of Kent's stuff here: / / /

and Derek's stuff is here: / / / / /

Michele is on twitter and you should check out her weekly podcast We Are Rhonda too: / / / / /

I opened and closed today's show with tracks from the new JCϟjp album (relics)! Stream and download it at and check out the companion museum at!

Direct mp3 link:


Iowa Block Radio features a new podcast of the hip-hop music of our state every Monday at

02:35 Fly Life - The Motions Ft. UnoUp6
06:13 Rose to Great
13:29 Dro God ft. Young Rebel - stack up
17:26 BarJuice - FYTB
32:16 facts
34:07 Dope Bambam Blow My High
37:15 DubYou - The Matrix (Prod. By JCHL)
52:06 Tom Brady 1.26.18
53:06 Double'O - Team Player

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 31: Halfloves

"Hailed as 'the best currently active rock band in Iowa' by the Iowa Informer, indie rock outfit Halfloves offers a variety of songs on their self-titled debut album made with renowned producer Brandon Darner (Imagine Dragons, The Envy Corps). Halfloves mixes pop sensibilities with heady textures and space to create an emotionally charged sound."
- from their Bandcamp page

This episode was recorded back at the end of March when the guys from Halfloves were rolling through Ames. This is probably the goofiest and one of the most fun epsiodes I had recording. Half of what you hear the band didnt know they were being recorded so it created a good sense of general humor. I had a blast hanging out with these guys again!!

IOWA BLUES SHOWCASE PODCAST - IBSC 104 Regional Local blues 7 Happy Birthday!!!!!

We are happy to accept The Iowa Blues Showcase Podcast into the Iowa Music Showcase family!

Tom Gary, producer of the IBSC, has been a long time member and support of the Iowa blues scene through not only podcasts, but through websites, videos, live shows, and other ways.

This particular podcast, as you can see, has already been on for two years. We'll be presenting the new episodes every Wednesday morning, and presenting one of the older episodes in the morning of the second Friday of every month.

Its the second birthday of the Iowa Blues showcase podcast!!!!!!!

Tonight we are playing regional and local blues (plus one international blues performer!!!!) Its a cast of thousands!!!!

We feature tonight: Jimmy Pryor, Chicago Rick, Gene Jackson, Jono Smith, John Lee Eagan, Frank Strong, Matt Woods, Kent Burnside, Madam Jules, Jon East, Norman Su, Scott Hartung, Rob Lumbard, Bob Dorr, Molly Nova, Joe Price, Patrick Hazel, Scott Long, and Greg Sutherland!

That's a show!!!!!

Please like, subscribe, and share, if on podbean please follow!!!!!!! You can also find us on ITunes, Google Play, Tunein radio, and many other great podcast providers!!!! THANKS!!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

IHEARIC VIDEOS - Some Blues and A Chorus

This week's videos for IHearIC feature the blues band, Larry and the Belief System, and Combined Efforts Men Chorus.

IOWA BLOCK RADIO - Season Premiere

Okay, Iowa Block Radio is back, with a new episode now on every Monday! And we will be presenting here every Thursday. To get caught up, since I was gone last week, we present the first epiosde here, and the next episode this Thursday!

01:49 facts
02:01 BarJuice - FYTB
05:58 facts
07:25 Dro God ft. Young Rebel - stack up
20:08 A1 Yolla What I Want Stunt
26:15 Dope Bambam Life
44:46 Double'O - Team Player
51:36 DubYou - The Matrix (Prod. By JCHL)
53:21 PULL UP
56:27 BooBillz Rodeo Freestyle
69:49 The Quartet - Masters

Monday, May 21, 2018

PLAYLISTS - Vacation: Iowa Style

Well, since I've been on break, I'd thought I'd just be a playlist about that! So here are some tunes by Iowa artists about vacation, relaxing, and taking a break!

CULTURE MYTH - Day 6: Los Angeles

Written by Chad Taylor. Originally appeared on the Culture Myth website on March 23, 2016.

There are people who feel that Los Angeles is a city you know about right away: you pull in, and immediately know in your gut if you're going to love it or hate it. Conversely, I've heard that LA is so big, so diverse, that you really need to spend a couple of years submerged in it before you really have a handle on how you feel about it.

For me, as the most superficial of interlopers into the greater LA biosphere, I can say that it seems very much to be a place with a purpose. Not so much a city, as a tool. As such, I can understand why some people live here. If you're involved in entertainment in just about any way, LA is where you have to be. So for actors and screenwriters and directors and media types, I get it. I can see why people are here. What I haven't figured out quite yet, is why people would WANT to live here, all things being equal. The greater allure of the city, outside of the entertainment industry, has so far eluded me.

There's a shabbiness to LA. Part of that is affected. Shabby-chic is a definite way of life here. But another portion--I'd wager the greater portion--is just how the city has become. It looks tired. The people and their cars are all very shiny and well maintained and beautiful. But the city around them, the set upon which everyone plies their trade, is worn and frayed at the edges. You can see it in the trees and on the faces of buildings. A lot of it is unquestionably the fault of this great drought that is ravaging much of the American west, and hitting California particularly hard. But it's not the only explanation, because there is a general weariness that you can feel in the spirit of the place. I don't know if I've seen more than a handful of genuine expressions of emotion or desire in my time here.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Change of schedule and new features

Iowa Music Showcase has added some new features, so we've changed the schedule around a little bit.

We're happy to welcome Iowa BLUES Showcase Podcast (not be confused with our own Iowa Music Showcase Podcast), Listen Up Iowa website, Lock N Load podcast, and the GriffleTV YouTube channel to the IMSC family!

Here is the current schedule of our features:

Monday mornings-
- first Monday of the month - Culture Myth, a column by Des Moines writer on music, Chad Taylor
- second Monday of the month - Fester Rage Video - a video of one of Iowa's alternative acts from the past few yeas
- third Monday of the month - Culture Myth

Monday evenings -
Whichever of the following three I (Dan OlderMusicGeek) feel like putting out that week...
- Iowa Music Showcase Podcast - a half hour of Iowa music based on a theme or genre
- Playlists - Just a playlist I put together, again usually based on a theme
- Other Sources - This is just me (Dan OlderMusicGeek) informing and showing some other source where you can hear more Iowa music. Could be a website, a podcast, compilation album, YouTube channel, or anything.

Tuesday mornings -
Iowa Block Radio Rock podcast - a podcast from Iowa Block Radio featuring Iowa rock music

Tuesday evenings -
IHearIC Videos - a half hour's worth of videos from the IHearIC YouTube channel

Wednesday mornings -
Iowa Blues Showcase Podcast - a weekly podcast put out by Iowa blues stalwart, Tom Gary

Wednesday evenings -
Your Own Private Iowa - an interview podcast by Richard Sutton in Ames

Thursday mornings -
Iowa Block Radio Rap podcast - a podcast from Iowa Block Radio featuring Iowa's hip hop and rap

Thursday evenings -
IHearIC podcasts - a weekly podcast featuring music of various genres from Iowa City and nearby

Friday mornings-
- second Friday of the month - a classic episode of the Iowa Blues Showcase Podcast
- fourth Friday of the month - a classic episode of Iowa Block Radio

Fillers and substitutes -
These will be used when one of our regular features is off at that time...
- a classic episode of the IHearIC podcast
- Listen Up - a column from the website by Cedar Falls music fan, Olivia Novak
- Lock N Load podcast - a music podcast on hiatus from Sioux City
- GriffleTV - a YouTube show from 2009 and 2010 featuring Iowa bands

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Okay, I've put the word out, but I'm going to try again!


Seriously though, I could really use some help. I do my best to put this out on a regular basis, but it is something I do ON THE SIDE in my FREE time. And there are occasions when that free time disappears.

So it would be a nice if an extra person - or two! - or more!! - were assisting me on working on this website!

Therefore, if any of you lovely Iowa music fans would love to lose some of your free time to help promote the local music scene, I would greatly appreciate the help! Com'on! It's the next best thing to being a rock star!

Just write me at!



Monday, May 7, 2018

On vacation! No new posts until Mon, May 14!

On vacation. If I have time, and I feel like it, I might post something. Then again, I might not!

But if you absolutely need some Iowa Music Showcase, look through our tags and labels! I'm sure you'll find something worth listening to!


Friday, May 4, 2018

JAZZMAN JOE VIDEOS - NOLA Jazz Band at Noce in Des Moines on Apr 27, 2018

"The NOLA Jazz Band began playing together for an initial gig at The Basement of The Des Moines Social Club March, 2015. It became so popular it is now an ongoing event. Since then band has taken the midwest by storm in a little over a years time.

"The bands monthly 'New Orleans Jazz Party' occurs every First Friday of the month at 'The Basement' playing to packed and many times sold out shows. Starting in 2017 the band will also be playing regularly at "NOCE" Des Moines new jazz and blues club. All band members have a common love for the sound and 'feel' of both traditional and current New Orleans based music – real, gutsy, raw, heartfelt, and entertaining.

"The NOLA Jazz Band has played alongside a number of well-known traditional jazz and music groups including Davina & The Vagabonds from Minneapolis, Sony recording artist Bria Skonberg from New York City, and Dom Flemons of The Carolina Chocolate Drops.

"Individual band members have shared the stage with Vincent Gardner, Maynard Ferguson, Benny Goodman, Kurt Elling, and many other well know jazz artists. NOLA Jazz Band members have also been inducted into the Iowa Jazz Hall of Fame, and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame."
- from their home page


Thursday, May 3, 2018

IHEARIC PODCAST - Episode 21: May Concert Preview (04/29/2018)

Folks, we have a concert this Saturday, May 5th at 2pm. That's the main motivating factor for this week's episode of iHearIC Radio, where we listen to recordings of poet Laura Felleman, musician Joshua Johnson, and members of the iHearIC Oliveros Ensemble. The show will be at Riverside Festival Stage in City Park, and you can check out all the details and rsvp here on facebook: This is the last concert of our Spring 2018 season, so it's your last opportunity to catch one of these before we take our Summer break. Come hang out with us at the park!

Make sure you also check out the upcoming Black Stork*/Asher Brown show on May 11th at Trumpet Blossom: (*iHearIC organizer Carlos Cotallo Solares)

And the day after that you can also enjoy the Iowa Dance Festival Concert in Coralville, featuring some music by our very own Justin K Comer:

Next week's radio show (May 6th) will feature recordings from the May 5th concert and some guests from Professor Trevor Harvey's Diversity in Music class!

This episode features music by:
Joshua Johnson (
Louis Andriessen (
David Beyer ( / /
Justin K Comer ( / / / / /
Marissa Flemming
Kenken Gorder (
Alex Spenceri ( /
Teddy Van Winkle
Will Yager ( /
Merrill Miller ( /
David Clair (
Asher Brown ( / / / / / / / /

spoken words by:
Laura Felleman (
Kassia Lisinski (

and inaudible dancing by:
Dot Armstrong

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 29: Christopher The Conquered

"Christopher the Conquered and his piano have traveled North America and Europe for over 10 years, sharing his self-proclaimed 'Interstellar Soul' with anyone who will listen.

"His 2016 album I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll has received over 500,000 listens online and has garnered positive reviews, with the songwriter Ryan Adams proclaiming it 'crazy & incredible' and Alternative Press labeling it a 'raw, emotional' record. ABC News declares his music 'compelling, interesting, and funny'.

"Christopher developed his songwriting while growing up in Iowa, but he now calls Colorado home. He has spent time on stage supporting a wide array of magnificent artists, including Leon Russell, Andrew Bird, Sturgill Simpson, The Mountain Goats, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, and Julien Baker.

"If you've never listened to Christopher the Conquered, then take the advice of Paste Magazine and 'Listen now.'"
- from his home page

Christopher developed his songwriting while growing up in Iowa, but he now calls Colorado home. He has spent time on stage supporting a wide array "Last week Christopher The Conquered stopped by the studio. He was in town briefely working on a pretty sweet project, the Iowa Music 4x10 that we talk about in great detail on the show! Chris is one of the biggest names to come out of the Des Moines Music scene and is making a name for himself across the globe! We really dive into his music in the interview which is accompanied by Pre Recorded tracks off thr most recent album, a single, and an unreleased track*

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Monday, April 30, 2018

PLAYLISTS - Random Iowa Music on Bandcamp 2

Well, we once again present a random sampling of Iowa music found on Bandcamp.

This time around, we seemed to have ended up with a lot of electronic and ambient music, though there is one gospel song on here.

The gods of serendipity can be a strange lot!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

JAZZMAN JOE VIDEOS - Tina Haase Findlay sing Ella Fitzgerald at Noce in Des Moines on Apr 21. 2018

"More than thirty local and reigonal musicians have joined Tina and Brandon (Findlay) on their musical journey over the last four-plus years, including international award-winning bassist Scot Sutherland, renowed artist-educator Dr. Damani Phillips, percussionist/clinician Paul Thompson, and many more close friends.

"Blues, rock and soul meets jazz, jam and gospel- with theatre, jingles, ragtime and whatever the heck we feel like throwing in!"
- from the Diva and the Deacons Facebook page

"Tina is a local blues and jazz vocalist legend, and she brings her signature stage presence and swag..." - from Cady Colosimo on the DMMC (Des Moines Music Coaliton) website


Saturday, April 28, 2018

Going on vacation May 5-13! Don't expect much then!

Howdy all! Yours truly is taking a much overdue week off from Sat, May 5 to Sun, May 13! So during that week, don't expect much to appear on this website.

I'll just be skipping some of our regular features and others will be postponed for a while!

If you really need some Iowa Music Showcase posts, we have plenty of old ones you can check using tags and labels here -


Thursday, April 26, 2018

IHEARIC PODCAST - Episode 20: More Guests Than Microphones (04/22/2018)

To celebrate our TWENTIETH radio show on KRUI, I invited a bunch of my friends to come in and party for a couple hours. We listened to recordings from the 4/20 iHearIC concert at High Ground Cafe, discussed things both relevant and irrelevant to the arts and music scenes in and around Iowa City, and enjoyed a live performance from Joe!

Full list of guests (in order of appearance):
Ashley Yotty
Joe Sorensen ( / / / / / /
David Clair (
Gabi Vanek (
Michele Guild ( / / / / /
Addison Benzshawel
Stella Hart

Just one more iHearIC concert for the Spring 2018 season:
May 5, 2PM at Riverside Festival Stage in City Park! (rsvp here:

Catch the New Music Collaborative Chamber Recital tomorrow night (4/23) at 7:30pm in the Opera Studio at Voxman, organized by Kenken Gorder and featuring iHearIC regulars Justin K Comer and Will Yager among many other excellent instrumentalists:

This episode features music by:
Wombat ( / /
Carlos Toro-Tobón (
Gabi Vanek (look above)
Josh Levine (

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

IHEARIC PODCAST - Episode 3 (11/05/2017)

Sorry, if you were expecting Your Own Private Iowa! I'm afraid there's still no new episodes yet, so we present an older episode of IHearIC.

Episode 3! Aired late on KRUI because Justin was out of town. Mostly a recap of our November 3rd concert, featuring music by:

Sarah Burgess (her show at Uptown Bill's)
Christian and Dave Cripe (facebook - performance at Mt. Vernon Porchfest)
Erik Whittaker (his band The Demon Possessed)
Ramin Roshandel (soundcloud)
Andrew Veit (website - "Tramp" composed by Justin K Comer)
Jonah Elrod (website)
and poetry by Laura Felleman (blog)

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