Thursday, March 22, 2018

IHEARIC PODCAST - Episode 15: WOMBAT (03/18/2018)

This is the first of our new series, the IHearIC podcast. We will feature a new episodes on Thursdays. And we present the previous episodes we have missed on Sundays until we catch up.

Tonight's show was very special. It was our first in-studio performance. Improvisation trio WOMBAT played for the entire hour. WOMBAT is:

Justin K Comer on saxophone (
Carlos Cotallo Solares on electric guitar (
Will Yager on double bass ( /

Next week's radio show will be a preview of our March 30th concert and will air late as we'll be busy at a new music concert at Voxman during our regular airtime:


From Jan 11, 2016, to Nov 13, 2017, Iowa Block Radio produced 108 episodes (from 45 minutes to 3 hours of length) of a pocast featuring rap, hip-hop, and other music from our fair state. We present one of their podcast on the 20th of every month.

This episode features Queen Kenzie, SPLASHY G, GMB, LAME NATION, lil scoobee, FLEA DA GENIUS, and HOdge 3.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 21: SpaceCamp

After a long strange 30 minutes of technical difficulties, SpaceCamp finally made it on the airwaves last thursday. It was one of the most interesting and downright fun shows I have had doing this podcast, its all about the Reuban.

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YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA is a podcast produced and hosted by Richard Sutton. We feature any new episodes the Wednesday after they were recorded.

(This week's episode featured a band from Minneapolis, so it will NOT be on IOWA Music Showcase. But you can still listen to it on Your Own Private Iowa's Bandcamp page. So instead you get a previous episode with SpaceCamp.)

Monday, March 19, 2018

IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 61: Music of Sump Pump Records, Part 1 of 2

This month on the Iowa Music Showcase podcast, we present to you a sampling of some of the offerings you can find from Des Moines record label, Sump Pump Records.

This actually started with Chuck Hoffman of Sump Pump sending me a few submissions. So I suggested he send a few more and we could do an episode. He and one of his partners in crime at Sump Pump, Tom Reelitz, ended up sending me enough material for two episodes!

So, if any of you are involved in a record label based somewhere in our fair state, feel free to get a hold of me here at! I'll be happy to promote any of your Iowa (or Omaha, Quad Cities, and Sioux Falls) artists!

Cover by Stutterin Jimmy

But back to Sump Pump Records!

"The story of Sump Pump Records officially begins in 1998 when Dan Hutchison and Bill Heard formed the label to release the debut 7" EP of Why Make Clocks, then a duo of Hutchison and Brian Wiksell. A second release, Chad O'Neal's Evolution No. 9 CD, followed in 2001 before the label went dormant as its proprietors focused on their bands.

"In 2013, Hutchison embarked on a project of his own devising to release a compilation of music from artists based in Des Moines recorded entirely on 4-track cassette. Recording the majority of the tracks himself in his own basement, Hutchison enlisted Wiksell and a few other trusted former members of Why Make Clocks to re-launch Sump Pump Records for its release.

"Since then, Sump Pump Records has produced an eclectic selection of vinyl releases, and amassed a distribution inventory of other releases, largely by artists based in, rooted in, or connected in some way with the label's home state of Iowa, all available through their online store at"
- from an email sent to us

Ep 61 - Cover by Stutterin Jimmy

Most people know Stutterin Jimmy for the music he does with The Goosebumps. But Jimmy also does a lot of the flyers for his band. And since I, Dan OlderMusicGeek, liked his flyers, I asked him if he'd be interested in doing a cover for our podcasts. And he happily did both covers for our Sump Pump Records podcasts and has volunteered to do more. And we're happy to have him do so.

The original cover
before we stretched it out
to make it a square

Jimmy doesn't have any website for his artwork, but you can check out his music at the following sites...



Ep 61 - Song 1: "The Punchline" by Chad O'Neall

"Chad O'Neall (Left Is West/Radio Caroline) released this, his first solo, album in 2001. The album contains 2 programs of tracks. The first 9 songs recorded w/band to 8 track analog tape. The remaining 12 recorded by Chad solo onto 4 track cassette tape. These 21 well crafted songs are definitely worthy of your attention."
- from his page on the Sump Pump Records website

Chad O'Neall - vocals, guitar

Recorded by Chad solo onto 4 track cassette tape

Chad O'Neal on Sump Pump Records:

Left is West on Facebook:

Left is West on ReverbNation:

To download the whole podcast, right click on the link below and hit "Save as...":

Ep 61 - Song 2: "Wulf" by Goldblums

"Des Moines area shapeshifting reptilian overlords..."
- from their Facebook page

Written by Goldblums

cover art by Jon Pearson
mastering & vinyl lacquers by Carl Saff
recording by Micah Sturdevant & Goldblums



Sump Pump Records:

To download the whole podcast, right click on the link below and hit "Save as...":

Ep 61 - Song 3: "Crazy Days" by A is Jump

"Brad and Ryan started making tapes in their Iowa dorm rooms in 1996. They convinced Jessie to put viola parts on the tapes starting in 1998 or so. A little while after that, the sounds from Cory's room were just too much and he started putting his keyboard bits on the tapes. Somewhere in there the live shows began. The first ones were either very weird or very small performances in art galleries and coffeeshops. In 2000, the shows moved into the rock clubs. Jessie still played on tapes but mostly lived in Boulder. Kevin and Grant and Powell and Peter all played in the rhythm section for a time until Phil started playing drums and Steve started playing bass. That was the lineup for about 4 years.

"The band made an album called "My Ice-Fingered Ghost" in Chicago in 2003. It came out in 2004 on Future Appletree Records. They toured the midwest a couple of times and played with bands like Outrageous Cherry, The Frogs, The High Strung, Menomena, The Rosebuds, and Quasi.

"The band holed up in a house in Waterloo, Iowa with a bunch of recording gear in the hopes of recording their second album, but it never really panned out. In 2006, Brad and Ryan moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. A while later, Cory moved to Saxapahaw, which isn't terribly far away. The three of them resumed playing, this time with a laptop, looper, and hand percussion as the rhythm section. Jessie was living in Baltimore by this point, which though not close isn't too bad for a weekend trip, so she said she'd start to play her viola parts in the band again. A is Jump is currently writing, recording, and rehearsing new and old material."
- from their entry on the Secret History of the Cedar Valley website

Casey Averill
Brad Brandhorst
Ryan Creery
Cory Hamilton
Mary Jessica McGee
Philip Sterk

Recorded April 2006 - July 2014 in Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough, and Saxapahaw, NC.
Engineered and Produced by A is Jump for The Hate Salon.
Mixed by Chris Wimberley and Brad Brandhorst at Nightsound Studios in Carrboro, NC.
Mix Assistants: Mark Oglesby, Meghan Puryear, Adrianna Villa, and Geneva Walata.
Mastered By Carl Saff

From their Facebook page:
"photo by Elaine,
used without permission."


Sump Pump Records:


To download the whole podcast, right click on the link below and hit "Save as...":

Ep 61 - Song 4: "Dinosaur Park" by Skin of Earth

"Add 1-2 sentences to describe Skin of Earth to help people understand what you offer...

'skin of earth does not care for flap copy."
- from their Facebook page

Joe Bourne - guitar
Trevor Powell -guitar
Rob Ogg - drums

Recorded and mixed live to 2 track by Eric Kennedy and Dan Hutchison at the Fremont, Des Moines, IA
Mastering and lacquers by: Carl Saff at SAFF Mastering.



Sump Pump Records:

To download the whole podcast, right click on the link below and hit "Save as...":

Ep 61 - Song 5: "Vermillion" by Annalibera

"that's some crazy pop music"
- from their Facebook page

Anna Gebhardt - keys, vocals
Ryan Stier - guitars, vocals
Phil Young - bass
Nicholas Naioti - drums

Recorded and mixed at Wabi Sound by Phil Young
Mastered by Carl Saff
Songwritten by Anna
Strings arranged by Dustin Harmsen and performed by Patrick Riley and Julia Immel
Some auxiliary percussion by Angela Rauch, Luke Rauch and Chris Marshall



Sump Pump Records:

To download the whole podcast, right click on the link below and hit "Save as...":

Ep 61 - Song 6: "Rock On" by Broken Ones

"Click on and rock on! Broken Ones are a 3 piece punk rock 'n' roll band from Des Moines, Iowa."
- from their Bandcamp page

"Members of The Jitz, Traffic Death, and Rob Ogg, bitch"
- from their Facebook page

Mike Feedback - Guitars, Lead Vocals
Brian Obivious - Drums, Back up Vocals
Rob Ogg - Bass, Back up Vocals

Recorded at The Drunk Tank Des Moines, Ia Winter 2017
Mastered by Greg at Rareform Mastering



Sump Pump Records:

To download the whole podcast, right click on the link below and hit "Save as...":

Ep 61 - Song 7: "Dream of a Surface" by Druids

"Formed in 2008, Druids set out to be heavy and loud. As the years progressed, their sound became more focused. Influenced by classic metal and psychedelic rock, Druids found their groove in songwriting and released 'Cycles of Mobeum' in 2016, followed by several US tours.

"Druids have spent the majority of 2017 working to broaden their take on the horizons of metal. December 1st will be the release of the group's EP, 'Spirit Compass.'"
- from their Facebook page

Luke Rauch - Vocals, Guitar
Keith Rich - Drums
Drew Rauch - Vocals, Bass

Recorded and Mixed by Phil Young at Wabi Sound in Des Moines, IA (June-December 2015)
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago, IL
Additional vocals by Nick Beard
All songs and lyrics written by Druids


Home page:

Sump Pump Records:

To download the whole podcast, right click on the link below and hit "Save as...":

Ep 61 - Song 8: "I Made You a Card" by Karen Meat & The Computer

"Karen Meat is a pop rock project of Arin Eaton based between Des Moines and Iowa City. The band itself is a moody character, a sequined oversized sweater, crooning melodies and lyrics of a bored generation. She's Drunk Like The Rest Of Us, Karen Meat’s recent November 2016 tape release, steers away from her DSM band (Brad Turk, John Huffman) as Eaton collaborates with her business partner Dana Telsrow. Karen Meat glitters with memorable beats, 60s-girl-pop inspired vocals, guitar solos by Dana, and coordinated outfits. Full band Karen Meat includes releases such as On The Couch (2016), and self-titled Karen Meat & The Computer (2015) - grumpy rock n’ roll songs with a tinge of partying and omnicord, with titles like 'Who Cares?' and 'Pizza and Beer'. Realistically, pop songs should be fun AND sad. Karen Meat embraces the power of rejection and depression as themes for her music, and her upbeat tunes are gems of sarcasm and truth."
- from her home page

Brad Turk - Omnicord, Guitar, Vocals
Arin Eaton - Guitar, Vocals
John Huffman - Bass, Beats
Phil Young - DG-1, Guitar, Beats

This was recorded, mixed, & mastered by Phil Young at Wabi Sound in Des Moines, Iowa.

Home page:


Sump Pump Records:

To download the whole podcast, right click on the link below and hit "Save as...":

Saturday, March 17, 2018

JAZZMAN JOE VIDEOS: Freestyle at The Des Moines Social Club on Mar 7, 2018

"FREESTYLE is an energetic quintet of talented professional musicians from the Des Moines area. Each member's experience contributes to the group's broad musical background performing in dance and night club groups, cabaret jazz, show bands and appearing in shows with national concert artists from Dionne Warwick to country's Sawyer Brown to rock legends Bobby Vee & Little Richard...we've done it all!

"Our SHOWMANSHIP and VERSATILITY has been on display at hundreds of weddings, conventions, corporate and private parties, festivals and school events in the Midwest for over 25 years.

"PRIDE as a professional comes from knowing you have met the needs of the customer. Our pride is the versatility in musical styles we can present to your listening and dancing audience, aged 9 to 90. We tailor music to your needs!"
- from their home page


Thursday, March 15, 2018

FESTER RAGE VIDEOS - House of Large Sizes at People's in Des Moines on Dec 30, 2007

"A succinct dadaist approach to contemporary power trio dynamics"
- from Joe Carducci from "Rock and the Pop Narcotic"

"House of Large Sizes is by far the most successful, prolific, and well-known band in the history of the Cedar Valley. Began in September of 1986 by core members Dave Deibler and Barb Schilf, the band released 8 full length albums and a smattering of EPs and singles. They have toured the country extensively, most notably with ex-Pixies front man Frank Black.

"They were signed to Columbia Records in 1994 and released their major label debut, My Ass-Kicking Life, on that label. Due to internal mismanagement at the label, they did not receive the support and attention for their record, and they left the label as a result. Undetered, they continued to play music and make records with What Are Records? and The Tyros Label until 2003.

"The band broke up due for unknown reasons in late 2003. Barb and Dave currently own and operate Mohair Pear, a vintage/retro clothing store on College Hill in Cedar Falls."
- from their page on the Secret History of the Cedar Valley website

"House of Large Sizes was an alternative rock band from Cedar Falls, Iowa, in the United States. The band's lineup was primarily Dave Deibler and Barb Schilf, and featured a number of drummers throughout the group's run...

"House of Large Sizes, often abbreviated HOLS, played a unique style of rock with a driving beat, lots of rhythmic changes, unexpected rests and false endings. Although the group's music was unusual, it drew on common influences--punk rock, funk and heavy metal. Punk shows itself in the short duration of many HOLS songs. The gut-level emotional energy of the music (largely attributable to Deibler's voice and guitar style) and the band's DIY ethic also show their punk roots. Deviating from the DIY standard, HOLS released one album, 'My Ass Kicking Life,' on Red Decibel/Columbia in 1993. They worked primarily with small labels like WAR (What Are Records?) and Toxic Shock or released recordings on their own.

"Funk can be heard in Schilf 's bass playing and the throbbing, danceable rhythms of the music. Heavy metal elements are present in Deibler's powerful guitar technique and the short musical phrases from which the songs are constructed."
- from their Wikipedia page

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

YOUR OWN PRIVATE iOWA - Episode 20: Bleujack

Bluejack joins me in the studio to play some folk rap tunes and talk about his musical and writting style. I learned a lot from him, and it was a really good conversation!

This podcast is powered by All Recordings done in the Studio at [88.5 KURE Ames Alternative]

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA is a podcast produced and hosted by Richard Sutton. We feature any new episodes the Wednesday after they were recorded.

Monday, March 12, 2018

OTHER SOURCES: The Des Moines 4 Track Compilation Vol​.​1

Coming up next week, we have our first of two episodes highlighting the music from the Iowa record label, Sump Pump Records.

In the meantime, to help sorta give you a taste of what's to come, we are presenting a special compilation album that they put out.

"This compilation features 13 Des Moines bands recorded from April 2013-Feb. 2014, on a Tascam MKII 4 Track Cassette Portastudio. Comes packaged in a beautifully screen printed black & white sleeve illustrated by John Huffman. Package also contains a full download of the LP, liner notes and a collage..."

"I wanted to release a compilation that was representative of the music of Des Moines, regardless of age, genre, personal connections, etc. All the bands were asked to contribute one unreleased song 4 minutes or less (give or take a little). The decision to use the 4 track to record them was to level the playing field for everyone: creating a consistency by allowing access to the same engineer & equipment, the same options and the same limitations. I wanted to capture a black and white snapshot of what these bands sound like when you're standing right in front of them.

All tracks were recorded by Dan Hutchison on the same Tascam 414 MKII 4 Track cassette Portastudio."
- from the compilation's Bandcamp page

Sunday, March 11, 2018

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 19: Evan Campbell

Evan Campbell and I sat down and he played some fantastic acoustic tunes. We got pretty deep and talked about all kinds of weird stuff like weed t shirts and drinkin' Schlitz! It was a fun show with a dear friend.

This podcast is powered by All Recordings done in the Studio at [88.5 KURE Ames Alternative]

More episodes of Your Own Private Iowa:

More IMSC posts featuring interviews:

More IMSC posts featuring acoustic music:

Friday, March 9, 2018

JAZZMAN JOE VIDEOS: The Central Iowa Wind Ensemble at The Scottish Rite Consistory in Des Moines on Mar 4, 2018

"The Central Iowa Wind Ensemble is an adult symphonic band with musicians drawn from the greater Des Moines area. The ensemble was founded in 2002 by a group of central Iowa music educators under the leadership of Dr. Evan Feldman, who led the group until 2005. To this day, the ensemble maintains a strong contingent of educators, but membership has expanded to include musicians from a wide variety of musical backgrounds and occupations. The Central Iowa Wind Ensemble is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization registered as a corporation the State of Iowa.

"The Central Iowa Wind Ensemble is a charitable fine arts organization dedicated to providing opportunities for listening to, and participating in, outstanding performances of wind band music. We do this by assembling musicians of advanced proficiency, performing concerts throughout the community, and reaching out to young and/or disadvantaged audiences."
- from The Central Iowa Wind Ensemble's home page

"Band Interests - Serve as a cultural resource by providing outstanding performances of quality wind music. - Provide an opportunity for its volunteer members to participate in a cultural service organization. - Provide an opportunity for musical expression and growth among musicians of advanced proficiency. - Continue the community concert band tradition as an important part of America's musical heritage."
- from The Central Iowa Wind Ensemble's Facebook page



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