Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ep 43 - Song 1: "Tsunami" by Permasmile

"PermaSmile began as an idea. A way to describe the turmoil and angst of todays drugged up, do nothing, society of youth and the young at heart. Glued to the television, wasting away, looking towards a brighter tomorrow in the glow of a nuclear revolution. A new world order- An end to the chaos of the Piscean ideals and ushering in a new age.Not for a 1 world system but of the mind and consciousness. Embracing the anarchy & change smothered by our fathers after their failed coup at the end of the 2oth century. New ideas and ideals brought upon by the glow of our Atari, nintendos and playstations. By the morphing of a primal 3-chord leap into the airwaves!

"And now PermaSmile has arrived,fresh from the throws of birth and its ridgid contractions. Surely anyone alive, growing, and embracing 'the new' today will testify to the excitement and energy of customs being shaped and formed before their eyes.

"Its true that our art & music reflects the times. Each decade mocking and destroying the lasts. Building up, out of the flames, a harder and more shocking reality than the last. Meanwhile, secretly embracing the acoustic sounds of love and peace somewhere beneath the bomb ladeled screams of Death Metal and Slipknot. Where does it end? Well, where did it begin?

"Like everything else it began as an idea! \m/ \m/"
- from their ReverbNation page

"PermaSmile is the result of new and old friends coming together for the common goal of creating fresh-original music... (We) are proud and confident that PermaSmile is evolving into the 21st Century and believe you will be too. Thanks for checkin' us out!"
- from their Facebook page

"Utilizing a stripped-down garage sound, the band dabbles in psychedelic rock...

A RIBCO Battle of the Bands appearance last year helped launch Permasmile onto the Quad-City music scene.

Lead guitarist Chad Ramsey, 40, of East Moline, began playing with bassist John Neihaus. The duo put an ad on the Internet and found Shane Quade (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), who recently moved to the Quad-Cities. John Chapman (drums) played in previous bands with Ramsey, and Heat (keys and backing vocals) and Neihaus were friends.

“'It’s like older friends and newer friends meeting up to play some good music,' Ramsey said.

“'It worked out good. We didn’t have to go through a bunch of different people to try different musicians at once. We just knew some people, and everybody is in the right place at the right time.'”
- from a Tripp J Crouse article in The Quad Cities Times

Shayne Quade - Vocals/Guitar
Chad Ramsey - Guitar
John Chapman - Drums/Vocals
HEAT - Vocals, Keyboard
Bleu Quillen- Bass




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