Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ep 43 - Song 6: "Aquajaunt" by Obsidian's Dream

"Crawling from the cornfields near Ames, IA, Obsidian's Dream was born at a Halloween party in the Iowa countryside."
- from their SonicBids website

"Basementology Experiment in progress."
- from their SoundCloud page

“'We came upon the name when a fortune teller at a music festival said Fook would be knocked unconscious by a large chunk of obsidian while on one of his rock climbing adventures. She insisted that when he woke up, he should try to remember the dream he had because some sort of revelation would be contained within. This hasn't occurred yet, but it seemed like a good name,' Erickson said, when asked how the band acquired its unique name.

'"he band's musical inspiration comes from sounds like the Grateful Dead, Blind Melon, bluegrass, electronic, '70s rock and many more. The band's music could be enjoyed by listeners at any time, from relaxing at home to going out with friends because of its unique and diverse sound.

“'We don’t really fit in any genre except maybe loosely as a "rock band",’ Erickson said.
- from a Sierra Pruiett article in Iowa State Daily

Bertrude Stein - Bass, vocals
Chris "Shaggy" Zeitler - Guitar, trumpeter, lead vocalist
Dean "Dean" Erickson - Keyboards
Fook - Guitar, vocals
Todd "TC" Cumming - Drums



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