Monday, September 7, 2015

Ep 15 - Song 3: "Blind Eyes" by Apathy Syndrome

"Apathy Syndrome is the personification of filth - a contagion welling up in the shadows of Des Moines. First and foremost, Apathy Syndrome prides themselves on a live show with intensity that is unrivaled - a genuine experience to accompany the blistering brutality of their sound. They are comprised of bastards and nobodies that came together to make music that decries the monstrosity that is life and human interaction.

"An Apathy Syndrome live show reaches beyond amplified notes and sounds - it is, in itself, a breathing, wretched organism. The raw, carnal energy that pulses and pours from the stage severs the claustrophobic compartments of the psyche. They are the scalpel...

"(They) began to tear the city of Des Moines limb from limb in January of 2013 and poured countless hours of hard work and dedication into becoming an established force. Many sleepless nights were had not only constructing and perfecting the music but actually creating what is seen on stage. Apathy Syndrome strives to put the 'show' back in metal show."
- from their Facebook page

Joe Day - Vocals
Tanner Corn - Guitar
Zach Jones - Drums
Adam Williams - Keyboards
Nick Stone - Lights/samples/cuts
Tim Siegler- Bass



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