Monday, September 7, 2015

Ep 15 - Song 2: "In Your Head" by Fetal Pig

"What's loud, schizophrenic, noisy, paranoid, sarcastic, fun, complicated, challenging, and unconventional...

"'It's hard to say, it's not exactly metal, not exactly post punk, not exactly prog rock, but a little like all 3.' - random guy in parking lot after show...

"Frequently compared to noise/punk icons of the 80s/90s, such as Dead Kennedys, Nomeansno, Minutemen, etc. Fetal Pig's music (and lyrics) are fun, sarcastic and paranoid, combining the ferocity of punk with the angular guitar dissonance of post-hardcore noise rock and the compositional ambition of prog rock."
- from their Facebook page

Dan Hutchison - Guitars and Vocals
Jeff Hutchison - Drums
Chuck Hoffman - Bass and Vocals



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