Friday, November 13, 2015

Ep 20 - Song 4: "All Truckered Out" by Wrestling with Wolves / Danny Wolf on Jimi

"Jimi is a stellar guy. He was there one of the first times I ever played in DSM. Running sound at the old house of bricks. He has always been super supportive of music that I have been involved in and I wish nothing but health and happiness for the future."
- from Danny Wolf for this podcast/blog

"So..there was this Dudeman, and he was in a band with some other Dudemans.

"THEN...some of the Dudemans wanted to make some changes, so the Dudeman band Disbanded!

"This made Dudeman verrry sad.... he then excepted a dead end job, and started playing shows all by his lonesome.

"THEN LOW AND BEHOLD!! A MIRACLE!!! In the form of a virgin child.

"This child appeared to him in the vestabule of WAL-MART!!

"and the child said..." wanna jam some time"

"they did.... and the lord saw that it was good, and granted them a bass player. the likes of wich they had never seen.

"Their powers combined and they began, WRESTLING WITH WOLVES!!"
- from their Facebook page

"Like the snarls and ferocity of it's namesake, Des Moines band Wrestling With Wolves tear through their unique brand of emotional rock and roll with a vengeance. Emerging from the garages of rural Iowa, WWW have begun to garner a well deserved following in and around the Des Moines metro, opening for such notable acts as Cloud Cult and Filter. Known for their explosive live show, Wolves capture the whiskey grit of rock and roll with the emotional candor of songwriting greats. The band also features Jonathan Rowl on guitar, Tyler Meinders on drums, and recently adding Gregg Cupp to the roster on bass. Their first full length album, 'The Cast of Shadows' was recorded and produced by the band's singer/songwriter Danny Wolf, and released on his independent label 'The Market of The Beast.''Cast' is a journey into the depths of Wolf's mind and soul. The singer's lyrics are intricate and personal, drawing on the ghosts of his past. These songs tend to leave one with questions about their own existence, but a surprising optimism towards the future. Tracks like, 'The Places That Made Me So' take you on an imagery packed journey through Wolf's religious upbringing with lines like, 'That deacon, he's no beacon, just another scheming demon', with Wolf later admitting 'I wont say that the son of God was fraudulent, because I believe it is possible.' While songs like, 'The Perks of Being A Small Flower' and 'The Boy in The Red Jammies' give incredible depth and insight into the wordsmith's childhood and family life. For a truly unique rock and roll experience, check out Wrestling With Wolves at a venue near you. This is a band you won't regret seeing."
- from their ReverbNation page

Danny Wolf - vocals
John Rowl - guitars
Mercury Hendrix - bass
Tyler Meinders - drums
Greg Cupp - bass




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