Friday, November 13, 2015

Ep 20 - Extra 2: Chad Taylor on Jimi

Chad Taylor is the pop culture critic for Cityview magazine, managing editor of the Band Bombshell website, occasional guest on Great Day on KCWI 23, and co-host with Joe Lawler of the Critical Mass radio show on KFMG...

"I've never seen anyone do as much with as little to work with as Jimi does in the Streetcar 209 kitchen. He's a great person, a heck of a cook, and a genuine staple in the Des Moines music scene. I know plenty of people who have their gripes about the scene, or Des Moines in general, or even Streetcar in particular. But nobody has a bad word for Jimi. There aren't many people around who are universally liked, and the fact that Jimi is one of them is really all you need to know about him."
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