Friday, November 13, 2015

Ep 20 - Song 6: "Building a Better Mars" by Calous / Joe Corigliano on Jimi

"I joined Calous in '03. Soon after, we started playing The House Of Bricks when it was on Merle Hay.

"Jimi was the soundman at that time. The band and him hit it off instantly. Who knew it only took a shot of Jager? He quickly became Calous' 6th man. Or 8th man since we had 7 (soon to be 5) in the band at the time.

"He's been a loyal fan and a good friend ever since. He even owns a coveted, and very limited edition, personalized Calous hockey jersey for being that fan and friend. Calous and I love Jimi and will do anything for that guy!"
- from Joe Corigliano for this podcast/blog

"Calous is a high energy rock band from Des Moines, Iowa. Their focus is drive. Their drive is passion. Uncompromising passion is the focus of this band and undying will is the foundation. 

"Always seemingly unaware of the trends and avoiding the prosaic trappings of the times, Calous is a seasoned band of 10 years with tour experience and hundreds of shows under their belt. Calous is a band who appeals to hard rock, metal, and alternative rock fans world wide. Calous has put in the time, and are ready to take their brand of rock to the next level."
- from their Facebook page

"Midwest based and Jagermeisters’ own, Calous is a seasoned metal machine with 10 plus years of tour experience, and hundreds of shows under their belt. The Calous sound appeals to hard rock, metal, and alt rock fans worldwide. With catchy vocals and bruising rhythms, these guys are set for continual professional expansion."
- from their ReverbNation page

Harold Waits - Guitar
Ryan Thornton - Guitar
Norm Miller - Vocals
Joe Corigliano - Drums
Harlan Harpo Dunaway - Bass




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