Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ep 11 - Song 5: "W(rest)le" by Pennyhawk

"This one’s just plain beautiful, and the ending of this is just downright epic. And I love the imagery involved with thinking about faith and the idea of losing it."
- Bryon Dudley for this podcast

"Pennyhawk has evolved into the band it was always destined to be, and that is Kate Kennedy taking front and center. Playing in various projects, such as Leslie and the Lys, Mumford’s, Christopher the Conquered and others, Kennedy’s confidence has risen to where she is able to carry her stories and her vision on her own. The result is one of the most interesting, honest, funny, whimsical, and beautiful albums of the year."
- from Dave Murphy on Des Moines is Not Boring

Kate Kennedy - guitars/vocals



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