Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ep 11 - Song 6: "Shut Up" by Strong Like Bear

"One of my songwriting partners, Jordan Mull, wrote this song a long time ago, and I've probably played it with her a couple hundred times, and people always get into it. It's a very down-to-earth song, and I love how the beautiful melody and harmonies have a little bit of lyric grit under them."
- Bryon Dudley for this podcast

"Strong Like Bear is a song-focused band from Ames, Iowa that has played music since 2006. Percussionist Rachel 'Rat' Dudley and bassist Greg Bruna provide grooves and beats to the sweet-yet-edgy and melodic songs. SLB's vocal harmonies have earned them acclaim from fans and clubs alike."
- from their Facebook page


guitarist/vocalist - Bryon Dudley
percussionist/vocalist - Rachel Dudley
guitarist/vocalist - Jordan Mull
bassist - Greg Bruna



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