Monday, June 1, 2015

Ep 10 - Song 1: "Don't You Pray for Me" by The Colt Walkers

"Like the iconic single action revolvers from which they take their name, the Colt Walkers pack the explosive sonic punch of a wild-west shootout. The Iowa-based roots rockers populate their songs with sinners, saviors, wanderers and devils, weaving a tapestry at once spiritual and profane.

"The Colt Walkers make no apologies for their love of the musical forms at the heart of the American story: blues, country, folk and gospel. But they craft every lyric, melody and stomping instrumental with an eye toward the horizon – and an understanding that American music is at its best when it rocks."
- from their Facebook page


Fred Love - vocals/guitar
Ryan Mauritz - vocals/mandolin/harmonica/keys
Dave Atchison - drums
Greg Bruna - bass

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