Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ep 14 - Song 10: "The One For Me" by Big Bad Gina

"Yeah, this is NOT Lipstick Homicide. This is Big Bad Gina covering Lipstick Homicide.

"But more importantly, this is Big Bad Gina covering Lipstick Homicide at the reception for my wedding.

"My wife, Ann, and I had Big Bad Gina play because my wife's not a huge punk fan, and we figured Big Bad Gina with their folky jazz/jazzy folk would have a bigger appeal.

"So we each chose a song to have them cover. My wife chose Train's "Marry Me".

"(And yes, I still married her and considered myself very lucky that she was stupid and crazy enough to marry me. I did play her Dickies' "Marry Me Ann". She didn't care for it.)

"But my wife actually likes Lipstick Homicide. And since they were my second favorite band after The Violent Femmes, and they were playing at the show where my wife came out to meet me. We had been emailing each other, after finding each other on

"So I had Big Bad Gina play this Lipstick Homicide song that I felt captures the way I feel about her.

"I made a video using my phone. And made a mp3 from that. So that's why the sound quality is pretty bad.

" I basically made it, so Lipstick Homicide could see it. I'm glad to say that Rachel has said publicly on social media, that this is one of her favorite things. And that they 'killed it'. And how touched she was because she never had anyone cover her before,

"I'm grateful that Rachel appreciated it so much. And that it meant almost as much to her and as it did for me."
- from Dan OlderMusicGeek for this podcast and blog

Renée Janski - bass, vocals
Jori Costello - vocals, percussion
Melodie Griffis - guitar, vocals

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Rachel said no one had covered her before. And at the time, that may have been true. But I found a second cover of one of her tunes...

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