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Ep 14 - Song 12: "Call It Art" by Lipstick Homicide (live at Irving Plaza, New York City, on 9/15/12)

Thanks to Randi J for the video and audio!

"Kate Kane didn’t get a lot of rest in the days and nights between Sept. 14 to 17. But she still isn’t sure she wasn’t asleep the whole time.

"Kane, 23, and fellow Lipstick Homicide bandmates Rachel Feldmann, 22, and Luke Ferguson, 24, opened Sept. 15 for Green Day at an intimate show for 1,000 fans at Irving Plaza in New York City.

"'I still haven’t totally accepted that it happened,' Kane says. 'I’m just waiting to wake up.'

"The Coralville-based band — Kane on backup vocals and guitar, Feldmann on lead vocals and bass and Ferguson on drums —learned of the opportunity on Sept. 12, just three days before they needed to be in New York City to play for the iconic pop punk band.

"They got the call — or more accurately, the email— from a mutual friend of the two bands, Larry Livermore.

"Livermore, a longtime friend of Green Day dating back to the mid-80s when drummer Tre Cool played in his band the Lookouts, included Lipstick Homicide on a 16-track compilation CD released in May called “The Thing that Ate Larry Livermore.”

"The compilation caught the ear of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong who tweeted last week, “Check out this compilation. Lipstick homicide kicks booty! All the bands do.”

"So when Green Day was suddenly looking for an opening act for their NYC show, Livermore thought of Lipstick Homicide.

"Kane wasn’t sure what to think at first.

"'I wasn’t totally sure if it was for real. Or if (Livermore) had talked to Green Day about it. I ended up talking to Green Day’s manager later that night, then I was like, all right I guess this is real. I guess I was just in disbelief. It was crazy,' Kane says.

"The band hit the road Thursday and 20 hours later were in New York City, where they played a 25-minute set. By Monday they were back in Coralville, still reeling form the experience.

"'It was really surreal and amazing,' Kane says. 'It was crazy. We got to meet Green Day and they are just like the nicest dudes ever and really down to earth. They thanked us for playing with them. Billy Joe even came on stage when we were playing and took pictures of us on his iPhone.'

"For the band it was a chance to share a stage with musicians who have influenced their own sound."
- from Carly Weber on Hoopla Now

"Sometimes — when you least expect it — dreams come true.

"At least that was the experience for Coralville-based pop punk band Lipstick Homicide.

"Last week, the band received an invitation out of the blue to open for rock band Green Day — a band that each of Lipstick Homicide’s members has been listening to for years. The call came just three days before the New York City show.

“'We were totally surprised and really excited and kind of didn’t even believe that that was for real at first,' said Kate Kane, 23, the band’s guitarist and backup singer. 'But it turned out to be the real thing. It’s pretty exciting.'

"The band’s drummer, Luke Ferguson, 24, had a similar reaction, not wanting to get his hopes up about the opportunity before they knew it definitely would happen.

“'We all kind of thought it was a big prank and that we were going to drive there and all of our friends were going to be laughing at us,' he said. 'We didn’t really believe it. It was pretty surreal.'

"The opportunity — set up by Larry Liverpool, who has worked closely with both bands — turned out to be legitimate, and the next day, the band packed its gear and hit the road for the 20-hour journey to New York City.

"After a sound check and visiting with the members of Green Day, Lipstick Homicide played in front of the sold-out crowd at Irving Plaza — about 1,000 people — which was four times larger than any show it had previously played.

“'They all gave us a really warm reaction. They all seemed to enjoy it and really get behind Kate and Rachel as they rocked,' Ferguson said.

"Kane said the highlight of the experience was getting to meet Green Day.

“'It was incredible meeting them,” she said. “They were really nice and down to earth dudes, and they were really nice to us.'
- from

"'Nice shoes! You a rock star or something?' - douche at Papa John's. 'Yeah, actually I opened for Green Day a week ago.'"
- from Luke Ferguson on Twitter

To watch the performance...

Rachel Feldmann - vocals, bass
Kate Kane - guitar, vocals
Luke Ferguson - drums




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