Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ep 14 - Song 5: "Fine Was the Night" by Samuel Locke Ward & The Boo Hoos

"...Sam’s side is another kind of mood enhancer, one you’d use to prepare for either a night of fucking shit up or a day when you have shit to do and may need to push some fuckers out of your way to do it. Though the songwriter and lead vocalist, with The Boo-Hoos, Sam seems to be operating chiefly as instigator to a project of rocking out as hard as possible, with his vocals sometimes pushed almost to the background, and as usual for him taking on various taunting falsettos and bellows... The seven quick songs showcase the band with a big guitar sound and sweaty rock and roll energy, reminiscent of The Pixies’ swan-song album Trompe Le Monde but with more satirical lyrics. Sam presents a Luddite alternate history in “This Edison Nightmare,” presents warfare as a dance craze in “Do The Pinewood Box,” and looks back fondly on some sort of riot on the infectious 'Fine Was The Night.'"
- from The Centipede Farm blog

Samuel Locke Ward - vocals
Grace Locke Ward - drums / vocals
Kate Kane - guitar
Chris Ford - guitar
Rachel Feldmann - bass



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