Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ep 14 - Song 4: "Yesterday I Was Talking to My Sister" by Joe Jack Talcum & The Powders

"I first met Rachel when Samuel (Locke Ward) put together a band to back me up on one of my tours. I was taken right away by her bass playing style and how she locked in with Grace (Locke Ward)'s steady open drumming. I never told her what to play. She just seemed to have a natural feel for what worked. She had some Dead Milkmen song requests for the set which I would not have normally played solo, but with her on bass I obliged. Those Jack Talcum tours I did with The Powders, with Rachel on bass, are among my favorites.

"As for Lipstick Homicide, I only got to see them twice. The first time was several years ago (not sure of the year) at the end of one of my tours with Sam and Powders. I was impressed with the songs. The sound system was not the best but the songs shone through. The second time was just this past May and I was blown away by how tight they were, a fantastic show, great harmonies. (Kate was in Sam's band, the Boo-hoos, so she was on tour with us so I got to know her a bit too. Fun times.)"
- from Joe Jack Talcum for this podcast/blog

Joe Jack Talcum - vocals / guitar / harmonica
Grace Locke Ward - drums
Samuel Locke Ward - keyboards / guitar
Rachel Feldmann - bass




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