Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ep 31 - Song 3:"Spirit of Love" by Sophia Landis

"Sophia is a singer/songwriter from Northeast Iowa. Her sound blends the strength of her voice with soulful piano and Native American flutes. Her lyrics send a message of compassion and encouragement. Sophia uses her music to uplift her audience and connect with her listeners in a very intimate yet powerful way. The musical baring of her soul will leave you feeling inspired and full of love."
- from her home page

"I started my musical journey with piano lessons at age three. The singing came naturally and the rest is history. Thank you to all who have helped me over the last couple decades to bring me where I am today! Still, I know this is only beginning. Peace, love, joy!"
- from her Facebook page

"I have been singing and playing piano for over 20 years. Inspiring love and strength with my music is what makes my dreams come true."
- from her ReverbNation page

Sophia Landis - piano, vocals
Home page:




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