Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ep 31 - Song 1: "Why Me" by Dominique Morgan

"Dominique Morgan is a native son to Omaha, NE. He began to construct his first mixtape project,at the time tentatively titled The King of Queens in 2010. As time went on The King of Queens became more of a moniker than a project title but he still recorded and wrote for what would be the first release from an OUT gay artist in the Midwest and more importantly the independent label Icon One Music. Flash forward to 2011, Dominique won Performer of the Year from Brainstorm Promotions one of the largest LGBT promotions company in the Midwest and is prepping to release his debut project A Thin Line Between Love&Hate. Dominique explains this project as a journal of sorts, telling the tales of his experiences in relationships the good, the bad and the ugly. From the pulse pounding My First Love to the hip-hop influenced I Wish You Loved Me A Thin Line Between Love&Hate is every bit a reflection of who Dominique Morgan is as artist , complex, sincere and soulful."
- from the Omaha Night Out Guide web site

"R&B and soul singer-songwriter Dominique Morgan, 33, has emerged as an urban music force with multiple Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards nominations for his Love Chronicles album.

"His tunes of love and loss come from personal experience: an abusive relationship, homophobia, both parents passing, incarceration.

"Alfonzo Lee Jones, founder-president of Icon One Music, the local label Morgan records on, says the artist has 'absolute determination.'

"Music is Morgan’s passion and sustenance. When he bravely came out at 14, he leaned on music for solace.

"'It was an important part of my secret life. I spent a lot of time in my room listening to music.'

"'No one knew this was my salvation, this was my safe space,' Morgan says. 'I was very closeted about music. I didn’t sing in front of people. But I had this desire to perform. I wrote songs in a notebook I hid under my bed. I was just very insecure and being a performer is the ultimate exposure.'"
- from Leo Adam Biga's My Inside Stories

"'I’m gonna be so honest with you right now it will piss…you…off. I started writing music at seven. Music just comes to me. I don’t read music. The shit just happens and I just go with it and I just go with it ‘til I can’t go anymore.'"
- from Greg Jerett's article in Omaha Magazine

Photograph by Bill Sitzmann


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