Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ep 32 - Intro/Outro: "Red Tide Texture 0001" and Song 8: "Don't Look Away" by Gallery of Voices

"Influenced by the early-‘80s Euro synth-pop movement, Gallery of Voices was formed in 1986 as a trio consisting of Allen Coppock on vocals, keyboards & saxophone, Jamie Downing on synthesizers and Chad Davis on keyboards and percussion. The group, who were mere teenagers at the time, wrote and performed original music. That music came of age when the track ‘Brighter Side’ competed and made it to the semi-finals of a regional songwriting contest.

"In 1987 the band released their debut album ‘Anastasia’, a collection of electronic pop tunes. Gallery of Voices became a celebrated act in and around their hometown of Des Moines, Iowa before disbanding in 1988.

"The band officially regrouped in December of 2006 to play a live reunion show and to re-craft their ‘Anastasia’ album for global release. On March 24th the group released, ‘Gallery of Voices—EP’ a collection of their initial reworked ‘Anastasia’ tracks as well as a three never before released songs."
- from their SoundClick page

Jamie Downing - synths
Allen Coppock - vocals, synths
Chad Davis - drum, drum programs
Mark Donovan - bass




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