Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ep 32 - Song 7: "Retribution" by Microwaved

"My career in the music business started many many years ago. I've shared the stage with everyone from Slipknot to Mudvayne to Hate Dept. and Sister Machine Gun and everyone in between. I've booked shows, promoted shows and played shows all over the midwest. This is my music along with the help of Jenna, James and Tyler we are bringing my visions to life and sharing my thoughts with you."
- from his BandCamp page

"Microwaved began as the extension of one man's mind. Gabriel Wilkinson. Tired of dealing with bands and the constant marital drama that involves, Gabe decided to become a one man musical machine. Teaching himself practically every instrument and taking lessons when necessary to get a basic literate function of the machines, instruments and devices in front of him.

"His years of working in recording studios such as Front Row Productions in Forest City Iowa with Greg Owen, Cory Carney, Doug DeGinerio and Drew Duckery help pave a way and understanding of the studio process. Then transfering that knowledge to recording a full length record as a member of Smakdab at Junior's Motel in Otho Iowa with Joey Jordinson (Slipknot) and Kevin Miles behind the boards and a special vocal appearance by none other than Corey Taylor himself on the song "Shadowed".

"Gabe found success with Smakdab, touring the Midwest playing with bands like System of a Down, Slipknot, Mudvayne, American Head Charge, Stigmata, Juror 13, Hate Dept., Sister Machine Gun, Econoline Crush and so many other wonderful musicians that we learned from and shared a stage with.

"Wilkinson never felt truly happy though. Metal wasn't his scene and while he got to flex his electronic muscles to an extent in Smakdab it was never enough. Soon Wilkinson chose to leave Smakdab and focus on his own music again finally developing what would come to be called Experimental Mind Therapy. Again midlevel success opening for some great national acts like Cattle Decapitation, Anyone (Roadrunner), Beamus and others but never really feeling truly satisfied with where the music was going.

"Wilkinson took a long hiatus from music and spent about six years writing and trying to find himself and finally released the first Microwaved stuff ever and this time it was all him. The reaction was popular enough that Gabe soon released a second EP with collaborations with Darrin Huss of Psyche and Sean "Satyr" Tracy of PRODUKT fame each contributing remixes and vocal tracks.

"Later that same year Microwaved had a song picked up by Metropolis Records and Distortion Productions for the extremely successful Industrial Music to Cure Cancer Benefit Record! Wilkinson's track was featured on the 8th disc of the set amongst some of the biggest and brightest stars in the industrial and electronic underground and by this time names like Steven Seibold (Hate Dept.) and Max Edgin and Howie Beno (13MG) had started chipping in advice and mixing help as well as one of Wilkinson's Lee Popa the sound man responsible for some of the greatest live shows of his memory.

"After a brief stint on Labtoy Records Microwaved was once again a free agent and released the album 'At the Heart of Death' with artwork by Midwest model/photographer Brandi Von Black as well as remixes by Short to Ground, Lthrboots, Ego Likeness, TeamVSR, Mickle Blvd., Panda Transport, Roughhause and more. After the release of the album Wilkinson decided to rebuild up a new line up and asked Tara (former label mate on Labtoy Records) to take over the reigns as the voice of Microwaved relieving Wilkinson to concentrate on his song writing. Wilkinson had been shopping around looking for a new home for his next release and he found it in DSBP Records out of New Mexico. Long time home of Diverje and UCNX two artist that Gabe admires greatly. Look for a self released EP from Microwaved in the near future featuring some fun covers showcasing Tara's talents as a vocalist and then a new full length record later this Spring/Summer."
- from his Facebook page

Gabe Wilkinson - Programming, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Production, Engineering, Lyrics


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