Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ep 32 - Song 2: "Safe with Me" by Trouble Lights

"Trouble Lights have proven that all you need for a stellar pop record is talent and a willingness to branch out: huge budgets, glitzy studios, and celebrity producers are irrelevant. Having a random college freshman from upstate New York fall in love with your band at first listen (in a loud dorm in North Carolina, no less) says that just about any fan of pop music can love your work.

"This is a record everyone can listen to, drive to, party to, be alive to. This is pop music done right. Quite simply, Trouble Lights have given popular music back to the people, and it feels damn good."
- from Ezgi Ustundag on the Ames Progressive website

"If the masses saw Adrien Daller and Phil Rabalais’ group Trouble Lights’ live show, they would grok that there is something freaky awesome happening with both this feisty dancepop group and the overall music scene in Iowa. Trouble Lights smashes your father’s disco balls and trashes your mother’s synthpop paradigm with an indie attitude that more accurately defines the mid-fi musical tastes of their generation, especially the smarty kids of Iowa.

"'Trouble Lights’ new Maximum Ames Records album, The Endless Prom, actually ends too quickly for this writer, because it’s addictive fun and I want more right now. Their pop songwriting gestates easily, and they deconstruct the obvious as quickly as they Mac their lyrics, making their hooks that much more potent."
- from Mike Ragogna on the Huffington Post website

"Producer Philip Rabalais’ looming synthesizers and pounding beats can glisten with an unabashed ’80s-tinged shine at points, but at other times, with its neon-showered dancefloor evocations, it can feel downright cinematic. And Adrien Daller’s alluring vocals are sturdy and soulful enough to fill out the rest of the otherwise minimalist soundscape."
- from Jeff Milo on the Paste magazine website

"Phil and I met through mutual friends when I moved back here from England a couple years ago. It’s a pretty small town so if you have something in common with someone, you’re gonna hang out. He’s like family now.

"We decided to form a band together because of our mutual deep love of really banging electronic dance music with a bad ass female vocalist. We had many long drunken conversations in the corners of parties talking about our dreams and what kind of music we wanted to make. It was inevitable that we would work together.

"We had our first show about a year ago at the Sondheim Center in Fairfield. It was the first time I (Adrien) felt like I wasn’t thinking while I was performing — I felt like I was an 8-foot animal warrior queen badass. Which I obviously am."
- from Adrien Daller Logsdon in a DMMC (Des Moines Music Coalition) interview

Adrien Daller Logsdon - vocals
Philip Rabalais - synths, programming

Photo by Ace Boothby


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