Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ep 40 - Song 3: "Hatin on Santa" by Rachel Feldmann

This song is listed on the "Punk the Halls" album and last year's Holiday podcast as "Hatin on Christmas". Rachel explained to me that that they got it wrong on the album and she never bothered to correct them, but that the actual name of the song is "Hatin on Santa".

Rachel Feldman was the main singer and songwriter of the Iowa City punk band, Lipstick Homicide, before she moved to Minneapolis, where she is now part of the punk band, 83 Wolfpack. She has also been involved in many other projects which you can check out here -

This is a song she originally did with Lipstick Homicide that we featured last year. But she was kind enough to do a solo version of this year's Holiday episodes.

Rachel Feldmann - vocals, guitars

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