Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ep 40 - Song 4: "The Sister of Santy Claus" by Bob Phelan

"Just an old fart with a twisted mind and a good heart."
- from his NumberOneMusic page

"Singer/Songwriter (BMI), Originals, Christmas Parodies, Jingles

"Songs for Radio, Advertising and just for fun.

"I started playing drums in bands at age 11. Picked up the bass at age 16 and have played ever since. I started writing in the 80's and it was hit-and-miss through the 90's. The writing bug hit me again around 2009, and I got into writing classic songs into Christmas parodies as well as more original songs. I found that parodies are a real challenge. Taking a classic song and re-writing it into a Christmas story and maintaining the same sound and feel as the original can be tricky.

"I do all my own vocals and most instrumentation myself in my little basement studio.

"I hope you find my music entertaining and inspiring!"
- from his ReverbNation page




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