Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ep 40 - Song 5: "Christmas Tree" by Nuclear Rodeo

"Nuclear Rodeo are a power-pop band, and this is what is in their DNA, and pop bands write melodic songs...dripping with melody, tight with rhythms to get your dancing legs shaking, and a wry wit to make you grin...

'Singer Campbell DeSousa does a great job of jumping back and forth from crooning and narrating to busting out in falsetto that really adds dynamics to the songs. This helps deliver the detailed, slice-of-life lyrics. Some of my favorites are about doing things like going to the grocery store, or about the people in the neighborhood, and there’s kind of a theme of failed relationships and unrequited love....

"Nuclear Rodeo’s world is one where lots of bad things can happen, and about everything in life is impermanent at best, if not outright hostile. But you can point out the absurdities, laugh at yourself, have a good time, and move on, because there’s another great chorus just around the corner."
- from a review by Bryon Dudley on The Ames Progressive website

David "Bobby Thunder H-Bomb" Olson: Drums, Hollering
Campbell "Candy Corn" DeSousa: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Gut Bustin'
Jordan "Finger Party Pompom" Mayland: Bass Guitar, Background Vocal Lovehammer, Sound Wizard
Phillip "Stun Baton Technology" Young: Guitar, Party Brigade
Steven "Mcgillicuddly" Rood: Drums, Life/Band Saving
Dustin "Bad to the Bone/Nice in the Heart" Harmsen: Guitar, Aux Percussion, Keys, Vox, moves



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