Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ep 33 - Song 6: "One Last Tear" (live) by Sara Routh, plus Sara Routh on Chad Taylor

You do not spend three weeks in a goddamn Prius with two other people and not learn a few things about them. I do not know what (Rae) Davis and (Sara) Routh learned about me. But in them, I witnessed two of the strongest, fiercest, most amazing individuals I've had the honor of meeting. I've seen them play their hearts out to a room that was 95% empty, just because that 5% deserved their best. I have seen them deal with the ache of missing their children and their loved ones and their family members. I've seen them battle fatigue, cold, pain and plenty of whiskey. I've watched Davis struggle with running a non-profit organization from 2,000 miles away. I've seen them both surrounded by some of their closest friends in the world for a few fleeting hours before getting back into the Prius and moving on.

What I have seen, is the best of two people.

But here is the difference between me and Davis and Routh: This is quite possibly the only time I will do this. After this trip is done, I will sit back down on my couch and continue to write from the comfort of my own home. Some of it will be good. Some of it will be sub par. None of it will appeal to everyone. But at the end of the day, I will close my computer up and turn on my TV. But Routh and Davis—and thousands of artists like them—will do this again, maybe even later this year. They have to. When the whole point of your passion is to share it with other people, you put yourself out there on the road over and over. It takes a conviction, a level of strength that not everyone has.

It's been said over and over in these posts, but it bears repeating again: these indie artists are not out here making money. They don't have the luxury of million dollar budgets, and they certainly don't have the benefit of blowing $40,000 on lodging and meals. They set out with nothing more than the cash in their pockets and the songs in their hearts, and often come back home with just the songs.
- from Chad Taylor in his Culture Myth blog

UPDATE 9-27-16

From Sara Routh's Facebook page...

This... a fine and true dedication to our sometimes controversial but always truthful friend Chad Taylor (the journalist who followed Rae Davis Fehring and me around on my west coast Black Sheep Tour)  If you missed any of his writings... be sure to check them out.  The link to his site, Culture Myth, is on this blog post... thanks Dan Wren for shining a light on our cheerleading brother.
- from

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