Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ep 33 - Extra: The Pants Off podcast episode with Chad Taylor

The Pants Off podcast is an interview podcast where Brian Campos chats with folks about arts and entertainment. It usually features musicians, most of which come from Iowa. In this episode, though, he interviews Chad.

"Chad Taylor is the 'Pop Culture Critic' and writer for Cityview Magazine, managing editor of Band Bombshell, and co-host of Critical Mass radio show on KFMG. A man of most media, Chad added podcast guest to his expanding resume' when he took time to come chat about a number of topics including: his Iowa roots, the unconventional way he became a career writer, the music scene, dumps, movies, likes and dislikes, and a shit load more. Chad's opinions have occasionally caused controversy and has caught the ire of more than a few people around Des Moines. We definitely talk on that. He names some names. And the answers he gives might surprise you. An absolute hoot."

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