Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ep 42 - Song 5: "Queen of Everything" by Patresa Hartman (plus the music video)

“Patresa Hartman has been a breath of fresh air in the Des Moines musical landscape. Someone who’s so humble and dismissive of her own talents would ordinarily make one weary and on the lookout for signs of disingenuousness. But Hartman is as earnest as the day is long, and that’s the trait that shines through the strongest in her singing. Whether she’s singing about relationships, aging or the longing for a simpler time, Hartman believes every iota of what she’s selling you, and that makes you believe it, too... It’s just a woman and her guitar, over and over again, and you never want it to stop. Hartman’s a clever writer, an honest story teller and a beautiful singer.”
- from Chad Taylor in a Cityview Magazine review

"Hartman is proudly carrying the torch of the Iowa Sound that dates back decades. Artists like Greg Brown, Dave Moore and Bonnie Koloc should be happy to know that Hartman is continuing the roots tradition they established while cutting her own distinctive groove into the Iowa landscape."
- from Joe Lawler in a Cityview review

"Patresa Hartman brings the mature and soulful voice of a woman who has something to say.

"Performances are driven by a dynamic set of original songs in what Hartman calls “soul-folk” style. Taking turns behind the guitar and the piano, Hartman’s compositions and delivery meld musical flavors of soul, blues, folk, and even contemporary country. Listeners have compared her to Adele, Ingrid Michaelson, Ani Difranco, and Bonnie Raitt. Confessional lyrics and heart-opening melodies weave together with relatable storytelling to make every performance an intimate one and every audience a gathering of friends."
- from Kyli Selburn on the DMMC (Des Moines Music Coalition) website

Patresa - Acoustic Guitar, All vocals
Jenny Kohls - Electric Guitar
Renee Potts Flanagan - Drums
Gavin Moore - Bass
Rachel Gulick - Trumpet

Photo by Melissa Stukenholtz

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