Sunday, January 15, 2017

IMSC Ep 42 - Song 8: "Rest Your Head" by Hallowed Hysteria

"We are HALLOWED HYSTERIA, Iowa's own Homegrown Heavy Metal. Consisting of five members Hallowed Hysteria utilizes the talents of each person to take the music to a whole new level. All the songs are original material that brings new life to a dying music scene. We continually strive to be better, always working our asses off to offer you the fan the best dam show we can put on. We're often asked what genre of metal we are, we're HEAVY METAL. Catch us at our next show!"
- from their Facebook page

Dylan Main- Drums
Andy Elton- Bass
Jordan Neal-Lead Guitar
Colton Welch- Rhythm Guitar
Taylor Boyce- Vocals



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