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Ep 42 - Song 4: "Java Jews Theme Song" by The Java Jews

"Tired of Disco, Punk Rock, and Lawrence Welk? Well then, you've come to the right place! You're connected to the always popular Java Jews! The world's first Klezmer band to perform at the Iowa State Fair!

"** Playing all your Eastern-European favorites from about 1910, along with other stuff in ways you can't even imagine.**...

"Java Jews has at its core a 7 -person ensemble that plays highly-caffeinated klezmer music. Led by Abe Goldstien* (accordion) and Mark Finkelstein (trumpet), the remainder of the band includes some of Des Moines' Iowa's finest jazz players. Hence, highly- caffeinated klezmer . In addition to popular klezmer tunes, we also perform klezmer covers of Miles Davis, standards, and Israeli pop. We play at coffee houses, synagogues and churches, bar mitzvahs, parties and art & civic events...

"Come on by one of our upcoming performances. 'You're guaranteed a good time -- or your money back!" [Offer not valid in Nevada or in other states ending in 'a']"
- from the Java Jews official website

"Organized in 2002, the Java Jews play what they refer to as "highly-caffeinated" klezmer music — a mix of Yiddish and Hebrew melodies combined with dixeland, avant-garde jazz, and a touch of Spike Jones. The group has performed throughout the Midwest for festivals, concerts, community events and private parties.

"Klezmer music is upbeat. Klezmer music is tender. Klezmer music is hand-clapping. Klezmer music is tear-jerking. In the hands of the Java Jews it’s always fun!"
- from their ReverbNation page

"The Java Jews, an ensemble of five musicians, play an upbeat blend of Klezmer music and Dixieland jazz. Abe Goldstien, accordion player and co-director, jokingly advises people who are unfamiliar with their music, "Think Dixieland jazz and the soundtrack of Fiddler on the Roof." The band preserves the essential sound of Klezmer music, which developed in Eastern European Jewish communities during the late 1800s and early 1900s, but takes more liberties with melody, harmonies and rhythms.

"The band originated in 2002 as the Temple B'nai Jeshurun Klezmer Band to promote the Temple's annual Jewish Food Fair. The band adopted 'Java Jews' after a series of performances at Java Joe's coffeehouse in downtown Des Moines. Since their initial appearances, the Java Jews have brought their high-energy performances to numerous synagogues, bar mitzvahs, parties and art and civic events. The band never rehearses, so each of its performances is unique. "Anything can happen in a performance and it does," warned Goldstien.

"The band loves interacting with the audience and with each other, which makes their performances engaging for everyone involved. 'My philosophy with the band is simple - if we aren't having any fun playing the music, no one is going to have any fun listening to us no matter how great of musicians we are,' said Goldstien."
- from the Augusta College website

"It’s a fun gig, and if it weren’t, Goldstien wouldn’t give up his time for it.

“'I like to see people who are excited about performing and having fun,' he says. 'If you are having fun performing, people enjoy watching it.'"
- from Beth Dalby in a Business Record profile of Abe Goldstien

Abe Goldstien
Mark Finkelstein
Chuck Kuba
Kurt Bowermaster
Bob Marion
Daniel Manzel

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