Sunday, January 15, 2017

IMSC Ep 42 - Song 3: "What You Want" by The Paige Harpin Group

"Close your eyes and allow the smooth, confident creations of Paige Harpin to transport you to simpler times.

"With a cool and collected, laid-back swagger seldom seen since the days of the most iconic soul and jazz performers of eras past, Harpin delivers a formula inspired by nothing less than the very best of those times—and likewise, their most powerful modern counterparts (e.g., Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, and D'angelo). Backed by a foundation of appropriately self-assured instrumentals, Harpin's arresting vocal prowess is front and center, guiding you through her sonic soundscapes with grace and geniality. There's a relatability and a sense of comforting familiarity felt when absorbing the work of Paige Harpin; something akin to catching up with an old friend or reminiscing on lost loves, more so with fondness than any kind of pain in your heart. It's soothing and nostalgic, self-reflective and ofttimes vulnerable—but most importantly, it's real...

"If you're in need of a respite from the woes of love, life, and everything in between, or if you need to connect with something on a deeper level to feel a surge of life once more, submerge yourself in the depths of Paige Harpin's impassioned offerings.. and feel a revitalized sense of self with a newfound musical adoration resonating within you."
- from their Facebook page

"Paige Harpin is one jazzy lady! As lead singer for the Paige Harpin Group, she brings back the soulful emotion found in blues singers from generations past. Once she opens her mouth and her sweeping vocals hit the air, you’re transported to a time when people went to clubs to hear live music, dance with their honey, and sip on gin–completely classic and intimate. While other groups are selling out for what’s hip these days, Paige reminds all those that hear her that music has a history. Her sets of both original songs and old standards are a welcome pleasure in a world where KISS FM rules."
- from Lindsay Fullington on the Bamb Bombshell website


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