Sunday, January 15, 2017

iMSC Ep 42 - Song 1: "A Different Kind of Animal" by Foxholes

"Here are the things I know about Foxholes:
1. Their lead singer is really nice to me on Facebook.
2. I think their drummer works with a friend of mine from high school.
3. They are good at music.

"That’s pretty much it. I don’t know if that says more about me or about Foxholes, but they seemed to come from literally nowhere to be one of my favorite acts. I’m not misusing literally, either. They could have morphed in from another plane of existence for all I know. It just seemed like they weren’t here and then *poof* they were. Fully formed sentient beings ready to rock."
- from Dave Murphy on the Iowaves Music Blog

"Formed in late August 2012, Foxholes is a musical collaboration between Trevor Holt, Jessica Villegas, Ben Barndollar, Kyle Folvag and Craig Bowers – five laser focused Iowans committed to creating music that moves the people of Des Moines, Iowa and beyond...

"Foxholes’ fascination with guitars has always been clear, but that has never limited them. A professional passion for creative evolution and growth can be heard throughout the history of the band’s tracks. Listen and you’ll hear a group on a mission to bring you fresh tunes sweetened with the occasional keyboard, cello, mandolin and glockenspiel."
- from their home page

"Foxholes has been consistently stepping up their game since they began playing shows around Iowa in 2012. Formed as a three-piece indie-rock outfit, the band has now evolved into a five-piece sonic assault ensemble."
- from Ali Henkle on the DMMC (Des Moines Music Coalition) website

"Foxholes is a hard band to describe, but an easy one to enjoy. There’s a definite Iggy Pop and Dinosaur, Jr. vibe that I picked up immediately. But it goes beyond just garage rock."
- from Dave Murphy on a Des Moines Is Not Boring review

"The group describes itself on Facebook as what would result 'if Pixies and the Replacements had a baby, and then that baby was dropped on its head a bunch of times,' but those cheeky references sell it short... they have the conviction, creativity, and chops to own its sound and never comes across as nostalgic..

Holt called the band’s songs 'dark, atmospheric, guitar-centric music,' and said his vision evolved from garage punk to 'songs that have a bit more development and space.'"
- from Jeff Ignatius in the River Cities Reader

"Foxholes have been a revelation themselves, bursting onto the scene with a riff and a yell."
- from Dave Murphy on the Iowaves Music Blog

"They’re like super good at music."
- from Dave Murphy on the Iowaves Music Blog

"Holt explains how Foxholes took their name after the band Television’s song 'Foxhole.'

“'And everybody likes foxes,' Villegas smiles.

“'They’re so trendy right now, they’re the new owl I think,' adds Barndollar.

“'Owls are like a thing of 2010,' said Holt, agreeing on the now blasé owl."
- from Cady Colosimo on the Band Bombshell website

Ben Barndollar - Drums
Craig Bowers - Guitar
Kyle Folvag - Guitar
Trevor Holt - Vocals + Guitar
Jessica Villegas - Bass + Vocals

Home page:



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