Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ep 33 - Song 3" "I, I, I" by Peace, Love, and Stuff, plus Lavonne McRoberts on Chad Taylor

photo by Cody Osen
I can always trust Chad to give his honest, unbiased opinion. He is a fantastic, objective writer who I am also proud to call my friend. I'd like to dedicate his favorite song by my former band, Peace, Love &Stuff: I,I,I. Thanks for everything Chad.
- from Lavonne McRoberts for this podcast<

"From a talent standpoint, it can be easy to envy Peace Love & Stuff. Bassist Jacob Doll and drummer Joe McGuire provide as solid a rhythm section as you’ll find in the capital city, and they’re backing two of the area’s most irrepressible talents in guitar magician Dylan Boyle and effervescent, eminently lovable front woman, Lavonne McRoberts. "The vintage rock four-piece provides one of the most entertaining local shows around, and it doesn’t do it through pyrotechnics, flashy costumes (though McRoberts’ style has its own group of fans) or lighting gimmicks. Instead, the group engages its audience through the power of old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll played really well."
_ from Chad Taylor in Cityview

"Peace Love and Stuff, the evening’s opening act, is a polished, high-energy act that’s a comfortable fit in a wide variety of lineups. Its sound is rockabilly infused and tight, with nary a weak link in the band. Timekeeper Joe McGuire and bassist Jacob Doll keep the low end hopping, while the band’s flash and sizzle is supplied by incomparable front woman Lavonne McRoberts and the sensational slide work of lead guitarist Dylan Boyle."
- from Chad Taylor in Cityview

"It can be hard to look at Peace Love and Stuff and see much besides singer Lavonne McRoberts. Not only because she looks the part — all vintage style with Kewpie doll looks — but because she’s loud, bombastic and bursting with energy on stage. She also has the good fortune of being backed by some really excellent musicians. Guitarist Dylan Boyle’s slide work was absolutely blistering, and the rockabilly rhythms churned out by bassist Jake Doll and drummer Joe McGuire were spot-on. “I, I, I” is my favorite track from the band..."
- from Chad Taylor in Cityview

Lavonne McRoberts - vocals
Dylan Boyle - guitars
Jacob Doll - bass
Joe McGuire - drums


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