Friday, October 23, 2015

Ep 18 - Song 6: "Revenge" by Nuclear Rodeo

"We was born to play smooth music.

"By the Powers of Greyskull, Nuclear Rodeo formed, toured, released albums, EPs, and love to party and treat people nice.."
- from their Facebook page

"Nuclear Rodeo was formed in 2007 by bassist Chief Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport of the popular Christian jazz group "Rigorous Meltdown McGraw" as a solo project. Originally intended to be trip-hop meets tribal beat fusioncore meets skaterskapop meets methamphetamine rockhophipcore, the group quickly sold out to nobody in particular and is now a pop group. Nuclear Rodeo will play any house show in the midwest, and will also teach you how to stand on your head."
- from their page

David "Bobby Thunder H-Bomb" Olson: Drums, Hollering
Campbell "Candy Corn" DeSousa: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Gut Bustin'
Jordan "Finger Party Pompom" Mayland: Bass Guitar, Sound Wizard
Phillip "Stun Baton Technology" Young: Guitar, Party Brigade
Steven "Mcgillicuddly" Rood: Drums, Life/Band Saving
Dustin "Bad to the Bone/Nice in the Heart" Harmsen: Guitar, Aux Percussion, Keys, Vox, moves



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