Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ep 19 - Song 3: "Space Demon Theme" by Mr Nasti

"Dear Stranger,

"I’m writing to tell you about my friend Nicholas, sometimes known as MR NASTI... you may see pictures around of him making weird faces, or a music video of him pouring out his tender heart, etc...

"In a time when “hating” is an intransitive verb many people might as well list among their hobbies online, a MR NASTI show can seem almost alien in its sincerity. I’m writing to tell you this is not an affectation put on to sell you something. MR NASTI has been around just a few years now, but in a way, Nicholas has been preparing for it... his whole life.

"Besides studying music at Missouri State and getting an audio science degree in Florida at Full Sail, Nicholas (born Nicholas Sebastian Naioti) has been in a ton of bands. Some were goofy, some were noisy, and one or two you might call twee. For awhile after he moved to Nashville he wore quite a bit of face-paint on stage, and got on national television a couple times doing it, too. And that’s to say nothing of the DIY music venue he also ran for years when he wasn’t on tour...

"(He) (if you happen to slip off your dancing shoes and ponder the lyrics) daily renews a considered choice to believe in humanity. What’s not to like?"
- Daniel Potter from Mr Nasti's home page

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