Friday, October 23, 2015

Ep 18 - Song 1: "Creek Creek" by Pumptown

"Pumptown is one of the most unique family bands you will ever hear. This band consists of 2 sisters, a brother, and a dad who have invented 'Drum Infused Country Sound'.

"Band members grew up in what could be considered a competitive storytelling environment. The next best way to up the stakes was to incorporate these stories into song. In 2002, Joe and Amy completed writing their first album and organized the band with sister, Mandy, and dad, Bill. A summer tour followed and it wasn't long before more albums followed. Not tied to any genre, Pumptown experimented with many instruments which led to the invention of 'drum infusion'. Travels around the world exposed the band to the music of many cultures and along the way, band members collected many indigenous instruments. When recording new albums, the band incorporated their new toys into their sound and shows until there was no more room in the band trailer."
- from Pumptown's home page

Band members - Joe Hynek, Amy Hynek, Mandy Hynek, Bill Hynek

Home page:


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