Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ep 31 - Song 7: "I'm So Sorry" by Dustin Smith

"I am a songwriter and musician from Des Moines, Iowa. I lead a band called The Maytags and collaborate with a collective of awesome musicians."
- from his Facebook page

"I wanted to play drums when I was in fourth grade, but my parents made me play piano for a year. So I did that for a year and I got my first drum set in fifth grade. I played drums all through middle school, played with some rock and roll bands and did Lenny Kravitz and Smash Mouth covers and stuff like that.

"When I was in high school, I was never in band, but I played with the show choirs and stuff like that. I started studying jazz as a drummer when I was in high school with a lady named Suzie Muze, and then I ended up taking that out to New York and I studied jazz for four years at City College.

"I started writing songs somewhere in the middle of all that. My dad always had lots of guitars laying around and I kind of taught myself – I think when I was a junior or senior. I got some good tips and advice from him. I always thought of songwriting as kind of a pastime, and I never took it as seriously as I did studying jazz and playing drums out in New York. But eventually one day, I started playing a lot more shows and playing gigs with my songs, and I feel like that’s kind of where it is today."
- from an interview with Waylon Sternhagen on the Hip Hip Hoorames website

Dustin Smith: Vocals, guitar, banjo, steel drum
Nick Leo: Rhodes and pedal steel guitar
Eric Krieger: Bass
Joel Gettys: Drums
Tim Sanders: Clarinet and tenor sax
Ryan Mullin: Cajon
Paige Harpin: Vocals
Tina Haas Findley: Vocals
Garrison Lynch: Vocals

Photo by Joey Leaming



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