Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ep 49 - Song 2: "Frenzied and Furious" by Flannel Season

"Flannel Season (via – 'The time of the year during which it is acceptable to wear flannel.' (duh!)

"These rockers are children of autumn and the grunge era. As a band, Flannel Season, cut it’s teeth on a slew of 90’s rock tunes ranging from Nirvana to Toadies to L7 and beyond. Recombining these elements with doomy aspects of modern stoner rock and just a general, all-around band handsomeness, Flannel Season has grown into one of the heavier and melodic rock bands of the Iowa City scene. Where there is a need for rock, heavy riffs, harmonies and beards, you will find these plaid-clad headbangers."
- from their Facebook page

Joe Finn - guitars, vocals
Matt Larson - drums, guitars, vocals
Claire Thoele - bass, vocals, piano

Photo by Mike Weber at ShadowFox Photography




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