Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ep 49 - Song 5: "Rat Rod Patrol" by Rat Rod Riot

"RaT RoD RiOT the Worlds 1st 'Rat Rock & Roll" Band!' We Record/Write and Play a music that we call Rat Rock & Roll. We're all about the Rat Rod culture and lifestyle. RaT RoD RiOT is the brain child of Sir Butch Bach whom is the bands Drummer, Producer and Song Writer. Sir Butch Bach invented the music style Rat Rock because of it's musical similarities to the Rat Rod car. What's a Rat Rod? According to Rat Rod Magazine, '"A Rat Rod is a blue-collar hot rod. Rat Rods are the working-class persons answer to high-buck hot rods and all the pageantry and ego that seems to go along with them. Rat Rods are about heart, history, and having a good time. Rat Rods are not about ego on who has the most seamless clone of the car next to it. Rat rodders embrace imperfection & individuality. Rat Rods are not about the money you spend on your car. That’s the beauty of the Rat Rod scene. You can create something that represents your personality down to every fine detail, and you can do it within your means. No one can tell you it’s right or wrong.' Rat Rock is the musicians version of a Rat Rod. Rat Rock music is created with the use of inexpensive low-end guitars,amps,drums,recording equipment and microphones. No fancy recording techniques, No heavy overdubbing, No heavy multi-tracking and as with Rat Rods. No ego. Rat Rock & Roll is about having a good time performing on low end cheap musical instruments. Rat Rock & Roll is not about how much money you spend on a musical instrument nor how shinny and pristine it looks or how perfect it might sound. Rat Rock & Roll is just about heart,creativity and fun.Rat Rockers embrace imperfections & individuality because it keeps it real. Rat Rock & Roll is about how unpolished your instrument looks and sounds and how much the song you create sounds hardly like anything that's already been done before but yet reflects everything or anything from rock history past. That’s the beauty of the Rat Rod scene and the same applies to Rat Rock & Roll music. Rat Rockers create their instruments to look and sound like something that represents their personality. And the same applies when creating and recording Rat Rock & Roll. No one can tell you it’s right or wrong. It's all you. That's the world of Rat Rods and Rat Rock & Roll. So drive a Rat Rod, Play in a Rat Rock & Roll Band or just be a fan of the rocking new Rat Rod culture and RaT RoD RiOT!!"
- from their Facebook page

Moses Hendrix - Guitar
Dodge Royce - Bass
Sir Butch Bach - Drums & Vocals




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