Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ep 35 - Song 2: "Vampires" by Bryan Baker

"Singer / Songwriter, Geek Werewolves howling for lost love and regret, robots enslaving and destroying humanity, lost love returning in the zombiepocalypse, and that's just the first three songs!"
- from his ReverbNation page

“... if you want to just laugh a bit and enjoy some good tunes strummed and played well by a guy wearing his geekiness on his sleeve, Bryan Baker may have just helped invent a new niche genre: geek-folk.”
- from Bryon Dudley on the Des Moines Music Coalition (DMMC) website

“[He's] The voice of apocalyptic whimsey.”
- from Des Moines singer, Tina Haase Findlay

"Kaklick Martin (an old alias of Bryan Baker's) makes some music that can be best described as the honkey tonk meets the metaverse, in the album 'Roadhouse Ranch and Saloon' he sprinkles ideas like cybersex, furries and pose balls right along with the sawdust, traditional and futuristic at the same time. He also offers straight ahead rock along with social and political commentary in his album 'Big Bad World'."
- from the description of his act on the DemiCon 19 web page

"Bryan Baker (Kaklick Martin) is a metaverse musician: A singer/songwriter performing in, and writing songs about, the virtual world known as Second Life®. Bryan’s avatar Kaklick took the stage in Second Life® for the first time back in late 2005, so he is among the longest running performers in Second Life® and was an early evangelist for the live music scene there.

"Since that time he’s written several songs about or inspired by some aspect of his virtual existence with subjects ranging from virtual relationships to bugs that plague this tech dependent world. Two of these songs made it on to 'Roadhouse Ranch and Saloon'; where honkey-tonk meets the metaverse. 'Big Bad World' takes on more real life social commentary. Both albums were released in 2007. 2009 saw the release of Mr. Lincoln a more eclectic mix of rock idioms and themes. 2010 brought the zombiepocalypse or at least the new single 'Zombie Love Song (If Anyone Eats My Brains)', a tender love song about brains. In 2012 he followed the single up with an album of his nerdiest material, including an album version of 'Zombie Love Song' called 'Yeah, I'm a Geek'."
- from his Ka Klick Martin page

Bryan Baker - Multi-Instrumentalist
Bryan Baker - Vocals



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