Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ep 36 - Song 5: "Alexander" by Angers/Powers

"A.P. was formed in 2009 when Rob and Trevor, having finished practicing the night away with their other bands, would find themselves still wanting to make songs. Rob's wife's grand piano and Trevor's acoustic guitar were available, and the two started writing and playing songs in that format. Often this was done very late at night, and frequently well into the morning. Trevor's girlfriend Amanda would sometimes come to these experimental practices to listen, and when it was learned she too could play piano, she was given an accordion and electric reed organ and coerced into joining the band. In February 2011 Steven recorded and played on the band's first album at Animal Kingdom Studios. James joined in 2012 and the band recorded 'The Bicycle E.P.' on Halloween 2012 at the Sonic Factory, with Kevin Drew behind the helm. On a very foggy weekend in December 2012, another full length album was recorded, again with Steven working his recording magic. Angers Powers is available to play weddings, plays, movies, bat and bar mitzvahs, funerals, and any other occasion where champagne is consumed."
- from their Facebook page

Rob Ogg
Trevor Powell
Amanda Schreiber
Steven Heathcote
James White



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