Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ep 35 - Song 1:"Alnilam" by The Vahnevants

"Listening to The Vahenevants is a lot like walking into a late-50’s/early-60’s themed diner, then immediately leaving that shithole through the backdoor after gagging at the abundant kitsch, only to find yourself outside next to four frycooks, hunched over on their break in paper hats with cigarettes in their hands and dice and dollars on the asphalt. Yeah, the aesthetic is present, but the rawness and realness is there tenfold.

"On The Last Drag, the follow up to their excellent debut Bum Out!, The Vahnevants contiue their warbly, don’t-wop-ness with eight tracks of new material. Balanced between drugged vocals and softly tape-manipulated sonics, The Last Drag settles into the dirt much like dead-skin flaking off the body. Proper placement, y’all."
- from a review by Bort on the Tine Mix Tapes website

"Straight from the mean streets of Des Moines, IA. The Vahnevants are a group of warblely sounding miscreants with a “Back From the Grave” vibe."
- from the Pop Occulture website

"The Vahnevants are a 50’s-early 60’s inspired garage band. They are a warbly, surf rock band that would also fit into rockabilly and even some old-fashioned country-western, only, I dunno, less clean. Not like, language or content, but they just feel like they’re covered in muck. They’re like The Everly Brothers if Phil had just completed a 12 hour shift as a bus driver then headed straight to the studio and Don got hit in the head with a rubber mallet just prior to recording...

"Why I think it works is the same reason why I think Nevermind I Love You works: Sincerity. Sincerity doesn’t always mean taking yourself seriously, but it does mean believing in what you are doing. No, I don’t think The Vahnevants are some emotional powerhouse and we need to take everything they do to heart and really think about their art and what it all means. But they aren’t just screwing around either. They mean this and they believe this and whether it is high art or just super sincere shtick, it works."
- from a Dave Murphy review on the Des Moines Is Not Boring website

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