Friday, May 20, 2016

Ep 29 - Song 3: "Make It Stop" by The Envy Corps

"The Envy Corps are an American alternative rock band from Ames, Iowa. The band are known for their atmospheric-meets-pop sound, attracting comparisons to Radiohead, Doves, New Order, Dinosaur Jr., and Modest Mouse. Its members are Brandon Darner (guitar), Micah Natera (keyboards, guitar), Luke Pettipoole (vocals, guitar, piano) and Scott Yoshimura (drums).

In a review of their critically acclaimed 2011 release It Culls You, Christina Smart of called the Envy Corps 'the best band you've never heard of.'"
- from their Wikipedia entry

"The Envy Corps’ indie quasi-anthems, filled with galvanizing arrangements and elasticized melodies have garnered the Des Moines band the affection of the attentive Midwest and fans internationally."
- from their Facebook page

"The best part about any art is when you can see someone succeed with honesty and reckless abandon. Like, they don’t care what the world thinks and they’re just going to make the art they know they can make. The best writers are the ones who can be completely honest with themselves and their thoughts (which is something I struggle with on occasion), the best actors are the ones who can engulf themselves fully in the character they want to portray, and the best musicians are the ones who can say this is the sound I want to make and I will make it."
- from Dave Murphy on the Des Moines Is Not Boring website

Luke Pettipoole - vocals, bass
Brandon Darner - guitar
Micah Natera - synthesizer, guitar
Scott Yoshimura - drums
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