Friday, May 20, 2016

Ep 29 - Song 1: "Messenger" by Dylan Sires & Neighbors (SIRES)

The band when they came out with this song went by "Dylan Sires & Neighbors". But they now go by SIRES.

"A band that grows smarter and better with each song, each release, is a band worth celebrating & knowing. 15 plus years into their musical collaboration, childhood friends and SIRES band members Dylan Sires, Ross Klemz & Graham Howland have never sounded so fresh, so alive and so ready to put it all on the line, that they have titled their new album 'Soul for Sale'. Is it a brash 'come and get it' to the world at large or a tongue in cheek jab at our music culture all together? Regardless, in a 'look at me now' world, music this subtle and seductive is a Godsend.

"SIRES is a bit of an anomaly in these modern times. They stand toe to toe with the most cutting edge bands in Indie Rock today, while remaining deeply rooted in the pre-Beatles American songbook. Timeless melodies so pure and sweet, you could swear you've heard them before, floating from a crackling radio tuned to a dying AM oldies station, until the band swells powerfully behind a 3 part harmony and you're sure an airplane is landing on your roof and it becomes clear. This band is of the moment. This band is happening now and creating some of the most intensely beautiful music in the world today."
- from their Facebook page

"Since having seen Dylan Sires and Neighbors at 80/35 last summer – they have slowly become a favorite of mine in my musical rotation. The 3 piece band brings a lyrical energetic sense to their music. They are a cross between a 50’s feeling and Muse…and it oddly works!

"The members each bring their own persona to the band as well – Dylan Sires is the lyrical songster, Graham Howland, his ginger-haired companion, drives the songs forward with his bass work and the stylish Ross Klemz is on drums. To watch them on stage is adventure and just pure fun…which is what it looks like they have on stage. Chemistry between band members is evident in every song." - from Jill Dykstra at the Des Moines Music Coalition (DMMC) website

"There is a simple (and striking) beauty in the harmonies of Dylan Sires and Neighbors and they clearly know it; it’s central in every one of their songs With the porcelain voice of an early ’60s crooner, Sires is joined by the complimentary coos of Klemz and Howland that sigh so softly yet so spot on that it aspires to the highly regarded counter-melody-classes of, say, the Beach Boys or Everly Brothers. But there are also bongos and surfy guitars, warm pianos and subtle drum fills to strike a more energized pop/rock vibe for the crescendos."
- from Jeff Milo from the Paste Magazine website

Dylan Sires - guitar, piano, percussion, keyboard, vox
Graham Howland - bass, percussion, keys, vox
Ross Klemz - drums, percussion, vox
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