Friday, May 20, 2016

Ep 29 - Song 6: "Babe City" by TWINS

"From the bowels of the pop universe a band of true misfits rise from the ash of the rock and roll tradition. Guided by the ghosts of Lennon & McCartney, Chilton & Bell and the Davies Brothers, this group has taken it upon themselves to stand as the torchbearers of the teenage wasteland, the point men of power pop, the pied piper's of the entire guitar rock and roll institution!! TWINS expertly cherry-pick and meld premium influences: the torchy swing of ’50s rock pioneers, the harmonies and well-crafted hooks of the Beatles, the garage-y jangle of British Invasion stalwarts, glam’s swagger and flashy riffs, Midwest power-pop and punk’s primal energy. Surrender to TWINS."
- from their Facebook page

"TWINS is a family band, rooted generations deep in the rich history of Iowa music. Brothers Harper and Joel Sires handle the songwriting and vocal duties, along with their cousin Luke Sires on drums. Devin Ferguson — bass guitar and vocals — has been playing with the Sires brothers since he was 16 years old and rounds out this rock & roll quartet’s uniquely American sound...

"With all the swagger, hooks and wild abandon a music fan could ask for, TWINS has stood up to carry the traditions on its shoulders, while steering its music in new directions and away from the indie rock mainstream.

"Formed in early 2012, the band has found success appealing to the crate digging, record collecting music fan who feels set adrift by the reverb drenched, cotton ball sound of today’s 'Rock and Roll.'”
- from their home page

"There’s a stigma that rock needs to be rugged, unhinged, off-kilter; that harmonies are for the realm of chivalric doo-wop throwbacks. This quartet prove that perfection can still have some punch. The drums pummel down on you along with wickedly whipped guitars at the bursting opening bars of “Runaway,” one of the more grittier and garage-scuffed songs from their recently released full length Tomboys On Parade, though even this track is garnished by their finely honed harmonization and tight guitar hooks. Power-pop can be empowering, if a band embraces it as fully and as assiduously as Twins."
- from Jeff Milo's "12 Iowa Bands You Should Listen To Now" on the Paste magazine website

"The Iowa band TWINS — led by the Sires boys Luke, Harper and Joel, along with bassist Devin Ferguson — seem to shotgun a minimum of two tallboys before they do anything. They work up a sweat just thinking about how much damned fun they’re going to try to get themselves into that night and the night after. They think about girls (harmonizing prettily about them, actually) and turning their amplifiers up as loud as they can go, thereby achieving small fractions of epic nights. Some of them are married men and yet, there’s no stopping their boyish thoughts and fantasies about women and rock and roll."
- from the Daytrotter website

LUKE SIRES: drums, vocals, business
HARPER SIRES: guitar, vocals, pencil art
JOEL SIRES: guitar, vocals, moods
DEVIN FERGUSON: bass, vocals, smile
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