Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ep 36 - Song 3: "The Way That I Live" by Mumford's

"Mumford's began as a solo project in the summer of 2008 and has expanded into a wild freak-folk storyteller dance band with a horn section. The songs always have a strong emphasis on storytelling and character development and use a variety of voices and instrumentation to bring across specific characters and circumstances."
- from their Facebook page

"As a band that has toured all over the nation and performed in 32 states, the Mumford’s have stayed true to their roots through it all. 'We hang an Iowa flag at all of our shows,' said band leader Nate Logsdon.

"Logsdon, a talented individual who plays trumpet, piano, and guitar as well as performing vocals, originally started as a solo act playing acoustic guitar. The band formed in 2008 and has transformed over the past three years. Logsdon described their style of music as 'high energy rock with a horn section,' but their genre can also be identified as psycho folk.

"However, Mumfords’ music keeps its folksy vibe through narrative style lyrics. The songs tell stories with the added bonus of a heavy and dancey twist. The band also incorporates choreographed dances into their performances to help engage the audience.

"The band has another quirk to call their own: they’re nonexclusive. The band has a policy of remaining open to meeting and playing with new people. Things come up, and members may have to move or leave the band for personal reasons, so the band has grown and adapted to accommodate...

"When asked about the band’s creative process for writing songs, it came to light that the entire band has a hand in the creation as well as the singing, through collaboration and contribution of ideas. According to Lyng, Logsdon, the primary singer/songwriter, comes to the band with an idea and all members can add any thoughts or suggestions."
- from an article by Elaine Godfrey in the Iowa State University Digital Repository

Nate Logsdon - vocals, guitar, piano, horn
James Doxon - percussion, vocals
Kate Kennedy - sax, clarinet, accordion, vocals, more
Kai Tanaka - lead guitar
Chris Lyng / Tushar Dayal - bass



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