Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ep 39 - Song 3: "All About Xmas" by Maids

"MAIDS’ original style of Midwest Disco is all about bringing people together in one place to have a good time and get immersed in waves of electronic dance pop. Whether the music is experienced through headphones or dancing at a live show, Danny Heggen and Mickey Davis have developed a homegrown, Midwestern concoction that reminds all of us that life, simply put, is awesome.

"Des Moines-based MAIDS’ enthusiasm to create has resulted in a new assortment of material, which will premiere on their new EP “These Days” set for worldwide release on May 6, 2016. Co-produced by St. Lucia’s Ross Clark, the duo are finding new inspirations to stretch their voice and dial-in on their Midwest Disco sound. As with their previous material, it’ll make give you all the feels and all the moves."
- from their home page

"Conceptually, MAIDS is one of those projects that sounds like it may be so off-kilter that there’s no way it could work. You take Danny Heggen from Seedlings, a gentle, folkish act, and throw him in a blender with Mickey Davis (aka Is Home Is), an electronic producer and composer of mostly instrumental works. Both artists have put out great releases in their regular acts, but together? Fortunately enough, like chocolate and peanut butter, it ends up being a case of two great tastes going together.

"It’s not too big of a surprise that Davis has created strong backing tracks – his downtempo beats and synth flourishes are reliably magnificent. Hearing Heggen take more of an isolated vocal role, however, is a rewarding revelation – his voice is warm and welcoming at times (the track “June” is a good example), and heartbreaking at other times (the closer “Playing Along”). And somehow, the melodies and arrangements all seem to complement each other in the best possible ways, shining together and never getting in each others’ ways."
- from a review on The DMMC (Des Moines Music Coalition) website

"MAIDS refers to their style of music as “Midwest Disco,” which is a cute, if unhelpful, name for their particular take on electronic pop. While they may be regionally land-locked, their songs stand up against many recent Top 40 bands in the Electronic Pop genre — think: Capital Cities, Daft Punk, MGMT, The Weeknd, Calvin Harris, Empire of the Sun.

"But, beyond that, MAIDS brings something to the electropop table largely missing from those bands: a sense of humanity and vulnerability that recalls the first great wave of synthpop in the ’80s. Heggen’s vocals convey that reaching desire that bands like Pet Shop Boys and Spandau Ballet had, and which ultimately is what makes songs universal and timeless."
- from a review on the Little Village website

"The two musicians come from different musical backgrounds and influences, think Whitney Houston and Sam Beam, or Blood Orange and Paul Simon. Talking about a blank sheet of paper, Mickey says, “nothing would terrify me more”, while for Danny there’s nothing more exciting. Although, the two friends that make up MAIDS aren’t necessarily a contrast of personalities...

"'If MAIDS were making a painting, Danny would draw the outline and I would carefully color it in,' says Mickey...

"'I want our music to bring friends and friends of friends together to have a good time. I want our music to feel real – the listener to know there is a person behind the process, creating something that feels good and like they’re a part of something.' – Danny Heggen"
- from an article on Gestalt Creatives website

"MAIDS make pretty music you can dance to. It’s happy pop. It’s music that makes you feel good whether in a dark venue under the flashing lights or in the middle of downtown Des Moines on a warm summer evening. MAIDS mix of stunning vocals and electronic handiwork just brings out smiles."
- from Dave Murphy for The DMMC (Des Moines Music Coalition)

Danny Heggen - vocals
Mickey Davis - instruments, programming

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