Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ep 49 - Song 4: "On Our Way to Jupiter" by Kevin Simnacher

"Old enough to know better, but not too old to ROCK!!!"
- from his Facebook page

"Kevin has played in various different bands over the years. Some just cover bands and a couple that actually wrote and recorded original material."
- from his BandCamp page


"Well, how early do we wanna go back? Kevin was once an embyo...

"First real stage experience was an 8th grade talent show where Kevin did a mean Johnny Cash impersonation, performing 'Folsom Prison Blues' and 'A Boy Named Sue', winning 1st place. But that was kind of 'nerdy' as most of his peers were into the rock scene at that age. It took a few years to shake that 'Johnny Cash' image as Kevin pursued the 'hipper' rock persona. His first band experiences evolved into the group 'Ratler' based out of his hometown of Vinton, Iowa. Eventually touring the bar circuit in 13 states by 1983, Kevin had some good road experience but no band left as each bandmate ended up marrying and dropping out of the band scene...

"Talk about diversity! The year was 1997, and the Cedar Rapids music scene was either blues-based or country. Kevin got to expand his musical vocabulary by joining the ranks of Cedar Rapids band "Tan Yer Hide", consisting of former rockers turned "NEW" country musicians. Kevin's main responsibilities included covering all of the "fiddle" and "pedal steel" parts, but gravitated towards more "classic-rock" parts as the Cedar Rapids club music scene began to change back toward mainstream and "classic" rock formats.
- from his homepage

Kevin Simnacher - instruments, vocals
Kraig "Wildcat" Spratt - drums

Home page:



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