Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ep 11 - Song 3: "The Fall" by Brooks Strause

"The lyrics to this hit me like a ton of bricks the first time I heard this, like it was a song that I’d always known but hadn’t quite heard yet. I prefer when Brooks does it live, and it’s just super direct and kind of soul-crushing. It’s the ultimate “things have got to get better” song, and I think it’s one of the best written songs of all time."
- Byron Dudley for this podcast

"Brooks Strause is a singer-songwriter and producer/arranger who lives in Iowa City, IA and makes a lot of music. Writes songs. Plays songs. Sings songs."
- from his Facebook page

Brooks Strause - acoustic guitar, mandolin, voice
Cole Highnam - bass guitar
Bradford Highnam - drums
David Strackany - piano
Natalie Eickmeyer - voice

written by Brooks Strause
produced by Paleo and Brooks Strause
engineered and mixed by Paleo




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